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    A few months ago after having substantially completed 49 of the plugs, my milling machine finally died. With a modest investment of only $13,000.00 (I don't know how many AMU's that might be), I have purchased and installed a new mill. It is a three horsepower, three phase, variable speed unit with a 10" x 54" table, a Servo power feed for the X axis (table horizontal feed), and a Newall 2 axis digital readout. Shown on the table is an 8" Super Spacer in which I mount the Negative portion of the plug in order to drill and slot it in four places, 90 apart. As quickly as I complete the manufacture of a new masking plate for the Super Spacer, I will resume production. As mentioned, I have 49 substantially completed, with orders for 61. I appreciate everyone's patience and will try to fill your orders as quickly as possible. If your name is not on the list and you want one of the plugs, please send an email to bill@manhein.net stating your shipping address and a phone number for that address (for UPS purposes). I will add your name to the list.
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      paulwerbin -
      Bill, We all appreciate your beautiful work.
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      musesierra -
      Bill - thank you for your hard work and dedication to the club. please add me to your order list.
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      spannaviation -
      It looks alot better than the picture you sent me, when the new mill was resting against the other.... Glad you got it upright, and your shop is looking great.

    1. drwhite's Avatar
      drwhite -
      Yee Haw!

    1. msamac's Avatar
      msamac -
      Nice Bill!
    1. BobLewis's Avatar
      BobLewis -
      Bill there are a couple of Bonanza guys looking for an adaptor on the ABS site. I posted that you have had a conversation with Tom Turner about going back into production with the units.
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      corcoran -
      That machine looks like the same one they used on my prostate.
      Tom Corcoran
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      AJCustom -
      Quote Originally Posted by corcoran View Post
      That machine looks like the same one they used on my prostate.
      Tom Corcoran
      TMI, Tom. TMI
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