• Fly Over the Boston Marathon - Get a BEECH BUM Tshirt

    Steve Cote, Airboss of Massachusetts Announces:

    Fly The Boston Marathon
    Location: Hopkinton, MA... Free

    Here is a way to get a Beech Bum T-shirt:

    Public Event with 25,000+ participants
    Monday, April 15, 2013
    Major race steps off at 10am and then ongoing for several hours.
    See other start times below.

    No FAA flight restriction.
    Flight info below is recommended per participating pilot's prior agreement with FAA.

    Squawk 1200. (Too many planes for discrete code).
    Get the altimeter setting on the KBED ATIS - 124.6.
    Arrive at one thousand four hundred feet MSL over Hopkinton, Massachusetts
    which is 26+ miles west of Boston. 1400 feet MSL is the altitude agreed upon for fixed wing aircraft.
    Announce that you are joining the "round" on 122.85. Then safely slip in behind a banner tow.
    Make left turns and look down at 25,000+ runners waiting to start.

    You will see helicopters below you at 900 feet making right turns. More TV helicopters will be
    at 2500 feet to bounce microwave signals. Helicopters frequently use 123.025 air-to-air in flight.

    If you intend to go all the way to the finish line you will need to get this info (and good luck).
    1) Flight is restricted within 3 miles of Fenway Park due to a Red Sox game which ends ???.
    2) You will be entering the Logan Airport KBOS Class Bravo at 8 dme. (BOS VOR 112.7)
    3) Get clearance from Boston Skyways on 124.725

    East bound fly south of the race course. West bound fly north of the course.

    Watch out for potential low level jet fly-over just prior to 10am start.

    Start times:
    Mobility impaired at 9:00
    Wheelchair 9:17
    Handcycles 9:22
    Elite women 9:32
    First of three 9000 runner waves 10am

    Report your attendance for a BEECH BUM Tshirt and PT points to Tom Corcoran mediareps@aol.com
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    1. corcoran's Avatar
      corcoran -
      Yes. BAC was flying yesterday April 15, 2013.

      For the first 4 hours of the Boston Marathon everything was perfect.

      I flew from 1B9 Mansfield, Massachusetts to the start of the Marathon as has been my custom. After the 10am start I went back to land-mode. I landed at OWD Norwood which is the nearest airport to the race course. I had a car with chairs and lunch stashed there. Drove about eight miles to my usual vantage point in Wellesley which is about halfway in the race to watch the leaders and 26,000 more people run by. Then, fly again and put everything away. About 3pm I was entering my driveway when the news of the bombs was on the radio.

      The closest person I know near the blast was my neice about 100' away she says. Now at this time (Tuesday morning) 3 people are dead and 130 injured. It was ironic that there were so many medical people so close to the blast as the marathon is geared to help thousands of runners.

      Patriots' Day (Battles of Lexington and Concord) is/was always a great day for Bostonians. Our own holiday, historic pride, the most famous road race in the world. It won't be the same.

      One of the dead is being reported this morning as an eight year old boy. His mother who was with him has a brain injury. His three year old sister lost a leg. They were waiting for the father to cross the finish line.

      We've got one or more SOB's to catch and fry.

      Tom Corcoran - Braintree, Massachusetts, eleven miles from the Marathon finish line.
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