• Air Race Classic 2013

    The annual Air Race Classic, a women's flying contest, begins June 18th in Pasco, Washington. Our own Gene Nora Jessen has entered again this year with her team of lady fliers. You can follow their progress this year at http://3marc2013.blogspot.com/. Gene Nora has raced in this event many times and has done herself and the baby Beech planes proud.

    We should all wish Gene Nora and her team well. So, follow her progress and post encouraging comments on her blog site.

    To learn more about the event, check it out at Air_Race_Classic
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    1. Clinderman's Avatar
      Clinderman -
      If you want to check on the race status you can go to trackleaders.com/arc13. Gene Nora is in plane number 25.
    1. dystevens's Avatar
      dystevens -
      I see there is a stop in La Junta, Co. I may try to get down there and see her come in.
    1. Clinderman's Avatar
      Clinderman -
      The Three Musketeer Team finished in the Top Ten! Gene Nora blogged that they finished tenth in a field of over forty planes!

      Well done, team! A huge congratulations from all of us at BAC!
    1. CBaumann's Avatar
      CBaumann -
      Air Race Classic 2014
      Looks like Gene Nora Jensen is again participating as PIC in the Air Race Classic. This year she is Race #49, flying A23-24, N 98339, team name "Three Musketeers" Link to the race lineup is here, and from there you can go to the home page. As of June 18th, should be half done already. Good luck to her team, and may we all fly as long and enthusiastically as she.
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