• Notice of General Election for Beech Aero Club President

    Note to all members - the polls are CLOSED.

    To see candidate comments and cast your vote click here- http://www.beechaeroclub.org/showthr...-2013-Election.

    To all members:

    At the last Board of Directors meeting we discussed staggering the terms for our officers to prevent a 'all new Board' (as happened last election) in order to provide some continuity for the Board. After more discussion, the Board has decided this is an opportune time to start the process with the election of a full two-year term President. We will determine later how to stagger the rest of the terms.

    As per the bylaws, we need an Elections and Nominations Committee. Therefore, I have appointed all members of the Board to that committee. The committee is responsible for presenting nominations through November 15th. From November 16 through November 30th any member may nominate any member, including themselves, for President.

    I will continue to fulfill the duties of the President until the end of the year, at which time the new President will take office at which time I will resume my duties as Executive Vice President.

    NOTE: This election is only for the Presidency!



    The Nominations & Elections Committee shall between October 1 and November 15 nominate
    candidates for the office of President, Executive Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer and the
    nine (9) Regional Director seats. The committee may nominate more than one member for any


    Between November 16 and November 30 any member may nominate any member, including
    himself/herself, for the office of President, Executive Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer and
    the nine (9) Regional Director seats. A member may only nominate a candidate for the Regional
    Director seat for the region of which he is a member.


    Election of officers and directors will be held between December 1 and December 15. Voting
    will be by electronic means whenever possible. Any member wishing to vote on a paper ballot
    may do so by requesting one from the Secretary-Treasurer. The Nominations & Elections
    Committee shall establish procedures for the conduct of elections.
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    1. vanhook's Avatar
      vanhook -
      No comment.
    1. BobLewis's Avatar
      BobLewis -
      +1 for Cloyd's position
    1. vanhook's Avatar
      vanhook -

      (As amended October 17, 2009)



      The three officers of the Beech Aero Club shall be: President, Executive Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer. The Board of Directors (the “Board”) may appoint such additional vice-presidents as it deems necessary to conduct the affairs of the Club.

      SECTION 4 – TERM

      The term of office for all elected officers shall be two (2) years.


      The Board may appoint any member to fill any vacancy of any office.
    1. rgschmi's Avatar
      rgschmi -
      I assume you think we need to change the Bylaws to allow staggered terms because the current term for President has not yet expired. We can do it pretty quickly if need be. Wanna give us some wording?
    1. vanhook's Avatar
      vanhook -
      No, I think you should follow the Bylaws.
    1. niechiro's Avatar
      niechiro -
      The way I look at it we are following the bylaws. We have a vacancy. We are giving the membership their right to elect a president for a 2 year term. The bylaws do not forbid it. The bylaws state that the BOD MAY appoint a replacement. It does not say SHALL. We had a number of members express their desire to be able to choose their next leader. We are giving them the opportunity to do just that.
    1. vanhook's Avatar
      vanhook -
      Well you're looking at it WRONG!
    1. rgschmi's Avatar
      rgschmi -
      Here's the deal, Cloyd. The ELECTED board of directors decided to implement staggered terms. If that requires a Bylaws change, then so be it. The BOD can vote on that with three days notice. As far as I know, only the BOD gets to vote on staggered terms. Now we just gotta git 'er done. If you don't want to help write the changes, that's fine. If you don't like staggered terms, run for office. If you win, you get to vote, then maybe you can repeal them.
    1. corcoran's Avatar
      corcoran -
      If I were to make one choice in changing the by-laws I would chose to automatically move the Executive Vice President into the office of President upon a vacancy or an expired term. I would not allow it to be optional.
      Tom Corcoran
    1. vanhook's Avatar
      vanhook -
      Read notice required for change of Bylaws.
    1. vanhook's Avatar
      vanhook -

      The Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the Board members present and voting on the proposed amendment. Any proposed amendment of the Bylaws must be included in a notice of the Board meeting sent not less than fourteen (14) days before the meeting.
    1. j_w_bruce's Avatar
      j_w_bruce -
      There is ample room in the by laws to call an election as Bob has done. Way to go Bob! No change needed.
    1. Clinderman's Avatar
      Clinderman -
      The by-laws amendment for staggered terms should only apply to the Executive Committee, IMHO. I don't' see a good reason to set up a system for staggering the RD's because that might create a situation where we are having elections every year for several positions....too much!
    1. vanhook's Avatar
      vanhook -
      Since you guys are determined to do what you want in spite of the Bylaws I'll have no further comment.
    1. wdnd5960's Avatar
      wdnd5960 -
      I am only sitting in the cheap seats, of course. And I am not fully aware of any atmospheric issues effecting people's moods. But we appear a little more on edge than normal. Please be as kind and sincere as possible in communicating your input for the older and younger readers in our club. These groups tend to be more sensitive to harshly stated opinions and some passionate discussions may appear as arguments to them. Thank you for your careful consideration of others.

      I have faith and trust in the character and leadership of our club, to do the right thing, make the right decisions and work in our best interest. You have my support.

      If I had any doubts, concerns or felt the need to impose my opinions on a higher level, I would run for office, round up political support and build a caucus of supporters.

      My RD has contacted me and asked my opinion on several matters. Who could ask for more than that?

      Thank you for your service to our club!!!
    1. rgschmi's Avatar
      rgschmi -

      We'll take that under advisement. I think the main idea is to prevent having nearly all new members and no continuity. As it stands now, we are going to elect a new president only and have nearly a year to iron out the details concerning RDs. One thing for sure (I hope) is that all terms will start at the beginning of a calendar year. The only reason I ran for Vice President was to provide that continuity, Had I known I would be thrust in the position of acting President I would not have run.


      I understand your comments about automatically moving the vice president up to President and it has some merit, but again if that rule were were in effect I would not have run.
    1. gembrey's Avatar
      gembrey -
      So... is this an election for the President (by the poll responses), or is it for Vice-President? The second entry on the thread says "Vice-President", but the names are the same.
    1. JOHNNYXRAY's Avatar
      You are right Gary, It should say President and voting should be for 15 days not a month.
    1. mgooderum's Avatar
      mgooderum -
      Title and close date fixed on election.
    1. corcoran's Avatar
      corcoran -
      I still count the word POLL six times on the intro and voting pages.
      An election, especially one where we all spent so much time to arrange, should say "election".
      We have our own version of "hanging chads".
      I have commented previously on the other voting flaws.
      Tom Corcoran
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