• 2014 - Glenn Castner Joins the Northeast Airbosses

    With the relocation of Rob Cushman to Chicago, Glenn Castner has joined the ranks of a very select group; the Airbosses of the Northeast Region.

    Over the years Glenn has been active in many of the region's fly-ins and has appeared on the cover of BACTalk Magazine. He has taken up residence in Hampden near Bangor, Maine. He moved recently from upper state New York.

    A BAC Airboss keeps his finger on the pulse of local flying in his state. His involvement is a great help to the Region Director. He is the go-to-guy in his state for local information and flying ideas.

    Glenn joins eight other BAC Northeast Airbosses, those being

    Ron Cribbie NH,
    Larry Perry VT,
    Steve Cote MA,
    Carlos Vares RI,
    Ken Cook CT,
    Scott Brunner NY,
    Harvey Haag PA
    Bob Palamara NJ.

    Tom Corcoran is the Northeast Region Director
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