• BACFest 2014 - Sept. 17-21 Portland Oregon

    Fest Portland – September 17-21, 2014

    Pearson Airfield in Vancouver, Washington, right across the river from PDX. This is the oldest operating airport in the United States and it happens to be surrounded by a national historic site, Fort Vancouver and our fly-in will be held right in the midst of it. There will be plenty of things to do while you are here, for pilots, spouses, kids; the whole family, from education, historic sites,
    airplanes, shopping, dining, wineries, breweries, airplanes, it's gonna be a blast! For those planning to fly-in, no landing or tie-down fees, enjoy the casual atmosphere of a Pacific Northwest GA airport! Car rental (If landing at Pearson) Enterprise Rent-A-Car is available within close proximity to the field with free pick-up and drop-off. Airport shuttles, limousines and taxi cabs can all be easily arranged as well. ?Enterprise Rent-A-Car?, 7503 E Mill Plain Blvd. 360-750-1111 Airport Information : No landing fees and tie-down fees, Pattern Operations ?Pearson Field is Class D airspace administered by Portland Tower. Downtown Hilton Vancouver - $119 / night – includes breakfast. Link to registration: closed as of August.Please call the hotel directly, and ask to be transferred to the reservations department. Mrs. Rickie Derrey is head of the reservations at the hotel. Advise that you would like some of the Beech Aero Clubs remaining rooms that are discounted .If there is a problem contact Jon Krane or John Persinger. The hotel’s direct line is +1 360 993 4500. Local Restaurants Several within walking distance of the National Site and Pearson Airfield
    Wednesday, September 17, 2014 Arrival/Travel Day?- We will be in charge of getting ourselves over to the Hilton hotel in Vancouver.

    Thursday, September 18, 2014 Excursion Day to include Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum (included with registration)

    1100 am Lunch @ Hotel
    1130-1145 Cat herding ( Maybe mouse herding)in parking lot of 7 vehicle motorcade
    1145 Depart for Evergreen Museum
    1 Pm arrival at museum (visit and explore the Spruce Goose)
    2 PM admission to movie D-Day
    315pm Guided tour of Museum
    5PM depart museum and head for Hotel

    Friday, September 19, 2014

    Breakfast @ Hilton

    9 am-945 am tour of Pearson Field Education Center (PFEC) and Aviation Museum–
    Vancouver’s local aviation education center located right on Pearson Field. Flight Simulator lab, vertical wind tunnel, historic airplanes on-site for viewing, and collections on display. Experience the Golden Age of Aviation at the first airport in the Pacific Northwest and one of the oldest continuously operating airfields in the country.

    945-am -1130am : BEECH AERO CLUB meet and greet with vendors, products specific to the Musketeer line ,parts sourcing, flight characteristics, website search help and ways to take the club to the next level. (bring a notebook with questions and ideas and you will be heard)

    1130am -1230pm Lunch provided (TBD)

    1230 pm - 330 pm Hangar work with a practical walk around and question answer on the parts manual, donuts, Electrical systems, power plants, oil changes and some of the things to look for on our type A/C

    330 pm -4 pm demonstration and walk around of a restored AT6 Texan

    4 pm Drawing for the 1/2 hour flight in the AT6 ( compliments of Aircraft and Marine Insurance)

    5pm Depart hotel via Custom Coach Bus for * FRONTIER FRIDAY NIGHT @ Hillsboro Airport
    Beech Aero Club members and Guests will enjoy reserved seating and a amazing night aerobatic show with one of the best fireworks shows in Oregon.

    Frontier Friday Night, September 19

    National Anthem
    Renny Price & Hammerhead Aerobatics
    Smoke-n-Thunder Jet Car
    Vicky Benzing Aerosport
    U.S. Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier II
    Sean D. Tucker & Team Oracle
    Smoke-n-Thunder Jet Car
    U.S. Army Golden Knights Parachute Team
    Team Rocket Aerobatics
    Fireworks presented by ATG and Homeland
    ates open at 5:30pm, pre-Sunset performances will begin at 6:30pm and ends at approximately 10pm. Ground Entertainment will feature static displays, the popular KidZone and Military Village.


    Saturday, September 20, 2014

    1pm Lunch is served for all Members and guests ( location Vancouver Hilton)

    1:30 Pm to 4 Pm
    Beech Aero Club annual Membership Meeting (location Vancouver Hilton )

    Topics of discussion to include a special Power Point Presentation by our own Gene Nora Jessen .She will have her new book on hand along with "The Fabulous Flight of the Three Musketeers: A rollicking airplane adventure with a few thrills"

    Also we will discuss the current issues and updates with what is going on with BAC and also field questions and suggestions .

    6:45pm Boarding begins for our private chartered Dinner cruise aboard the Crystal Dolphin (cruise time from 7-9:30pm )Food ,prizes ,announcements, music , etc... Topics of discussion to include special Power Point Presentation by our own Gene Nora Jessen .She will have her new book on hand along with "The Fabulous Flight of the Three Musketeers: A rollicking airplane adventure with a few thrills"
    Guests during the day may go and see Portland, Vancouver Farmers Market, local attractions and restaurants. There are many things within walking distance or event local bus stops (C- Tran) to take them where they wish to go.

    Sunday,September 21, 2014 A reservation for breakfast at a local restaurant can be made. Possible Fly-out to another PNW airport for brunch for those who fly-in. Departure Attendee List Found Here http://www.beechaeroclub.org/showthr...ll=1#post67109
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    1. JOHNNYXRAY's Avatar
      Was attendee list. See updated thread .
    1. wjknight's Avatar
      wjknight -
      Johnny, my Dept of Defence server blocked the invoice that you sent to me. Could you please resend to wjknight43@gmail.com so that I can pay it? Thanks.

      Jeff Knight
    1. JOHNNYXRAY's Avatar
      Resent . Thanks JP
    1. SkyPilot's Avatar
      SkyPilot -
      So this will be my first BACFest and I am tyring to figure out the agenda. I plan on arriving Thursday around 7PM due to work commitments. I see a planned workshop on Friday. I see Saturday seems to be dominated by the club meeting. Will there be any workshops on Saturday? Do we have a subject matter for theworkshops? I would like to be prepared and ready for a productive experience, hence the reason for my questions. I am planning on flying Southwest Airlines out of Kansas City, MO.

      Thanks for any help. I own a 1980 Sundowner and hangar it at 3DW.

      Chris Nowak
    1. JOHNNYXRAY's Avatar
      Chris ,I sent you a private message. Anyone can contact me direct with a email @ JP@getxray.com with questions. Jon Krane has been heading Bacfest up but I know he has been looking for input and help. Thanks everyone.
    1. jkrane's Avatar
      jkrane -
      Hi Chris,

      We are working on getting some fantastic workshops setup. We will let everyone know soon what they will encompass.

    1. mdunlevie's Avatar
      mdunlevie -
      My first BAC and I am hitching a ride in with David Stevens!

      Michael Dunlevie
    1. JOHNNYXRAY's Avatar
      Michael will you be flying North by Northwest ? If you have questions give me a call .Thanks JP
    1. jkrane's Avatar
      jkrane -
      Reminder: reduced hotel pricing ends this coming Monday (8/17), please make your reservations ASAP and register too! Thanks
    1. fly2mick's Avatar
      fly2mick -
      weather permitting will fly the Sierra in the morning of Sept 20th after clearing customs at BLI. If weather is down will drive in later same day.
    1. JOHNNYXRAY's Avatar
      Look forward to seeing you Mick . You are registered paid and good to go. Contact me via email and I will get you one of the rooms from the members not going for Sat. (discounted still)I can be emailed @ Jp@getxray.com

      Thanks JP
    1. paxflyer's Avatar
      paxflyer -
      I just realized the big International AirShow in Hillsboro (just outside Portland) is going on this (19-21st) weekend. Snowbird, Sean Tucker, F22 Raptor, Harriers and a whole bunch of other big acts are coming to the area.

      Flyer beware, TFRs!

    1. JOHNNYXRAY's Avatar
      Looks like we found something for Friday evening.Thanks James !!!
    1. JOHNNYXRAY's Avatar
      Any questions or troubles in Portland this weekend . Toll Free 855-WE FLY BEECH (933-5923)

      Airport pick up EXT 3 is Bob Prange
      708 is Tom Corcoran

      BACfest Chairman (Jon Krane) and Northwest RD extension 709
      President (Rap) extension 701
      VP (Bob S) extension 702
      Secretary/treasurer (JP) extension 703
      East Central RD (Jon Redmon) extension 706
      North Central RD (Mike Nielsen) extension 707
      Southwest RD (Marty Vanover) extension 713

    1. jkrane's Avatar
      jkrane -
      Once again, what a great time we all had at BACFest 2014, it was great meeting everyone, hope everyone makes it back safely, looking forward to Iowa in 2015!
    1. jhbecker's Avatar
      jhbecker -
      It was a great time. Robin and I are seriously thinking about Dubuque for next year. You know the event was good when the wife wants to go back!

      The trip home was fast (for us). We had a 15 ~ 18 kt tail wind for the first 160 nm. So we saved about 10 minutes off the trip compared to heading to BACFest.

      Did have a hickup though. Had a flat while taxiing into the hangar. Don't know how it happened. The landing was a squeaker and everyting normal, but by the time I tried to make the last turn to the hanger the right main was flat. Found a ~1/4" cut in the tube but no matching cut in the tire.

      Luckily I had a spare tube and we had it changed and the plane put away pretty quickly.

      Thanks for the great time.
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