• Atlantic City - TFR/Ivan/Contact Info - Pls Read

    I suspect that the Saturday TFR should not be a problem for most. We are meeting and greeting at 11, chat, lunch(?) and will be out of there long before six. Friday night could be a problem for a few folks - but they are big boys and know how to plan their travel!<br />
    The other possible issue is Ivan the Terrible. There is no way he will<br />
    get here in one piece but may leave us with a cruddy day or two as he<br />
    blows on by.<br />
    <br />
    In deference to those who are traveling on Friday I think we need to<br />
    make the decision earlier rather than later. Therefore - unless I hear<br />
    disagreement - I will post a notice here on Thursday night as to whether<br />
    we are go or no go. The most important part of our fellowship is safety<br />
    and that will be the number one consideration in the decision. Other<br />
    opinions are, of course, welcome.<br />
    <br />
    Let me give you all of my contact information in case you should need<br />
    it. My home phone is (90 730-8619, My Cell phone is (90 209-8233 and<br />
    my office phone is (973) 921-5984. Feel free to call me at anytime.<br />
    <br />
    Think positive thoughts and get ready for the Big Beech Bash at Atlantic<br />
    City on Sept. 18! We have eighteen aircraft signed up as probable<br />
    attendees. There is always room for more - so tell all your friends and<br />
    neighbors!<br />
    <br />
    Jack<br />
    Sundowner - N6363U
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