• 2015 Beech Aero Club Election results

    Here's are the results from this years 2015 Election. The following officers terms begin on 1.1.16 and will be ending 12.31.2017

    President John Persinger
    Secretary Treasurer Michael Dunlevie
    East Central Regional Director John Redmon *
    North East Regional Director Tom Corcoran *
    South Central Regional Director Nelsen Amen
    South East Regional Director Charlie Booton
    International Regional Director Jeff Knight *

    Per the by-laws, a nominating committee was formed on 10.01.2015 for seeking and nominating candidates for the open offices. That committee consists of all members of the Board of Directors. The by-laws allow for open nominations to be made by the membership beginning 11.16.2015 through 11.30.2015 within this thread. Members were allowed to nominate for the President and Secretary Treasurer slots, and RD candidates for their region.


    John Persinger Secretary/Treasurer

    * indicates incumbent (everyone ran unopposed)
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    1. wdnd5960's Avatar
      wdnd5960 -
      My sincerest appreciation for all those who have served this org! And I extend my pledge of support to these who have stood up to serve our future.
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