• We need your thoughts on new challenges.

    Here in the Northeast BAC Region we have flying challenges to earn BAC brownie-points and printed certificates.
    Among these are "The Three States Challenge" ,
    flight along the "Hudson River Corridor",
    "Land On The Ice Runway In New Hampshire"
    and because we have a lot of coastline a certificate for landing on "Four or More" different islands (in one trip).

    There are more challenges here and in the other regions... which includes the entire globe. You have to tell us about them.

    Come up with an idea for a new challenge. Make it unique to its location. It just can't be something you can do anywhere. Set some parameters and explain why it should be on the BAC challenge list. [Which for now is only right here]. So, post your thoughts on this thread and then contact your regional director. He/she gets to decide if it is unique and a good fit for our group.

    Every Regional Director can be contacted toll free at 1-855-WE-FLY-BEECH.

    Tom Corcoran
    (Direct email mediareps@aol.com)
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    1. Mouseflyer's Avatar
      Mouseflyer -
      Maine to the Florida keys challenge. Have a relay race of members who each take a photo of themselves and the BAC flag as they handoff the flag to members down the coast. Prizes, for speed, and number of coordinated aircraft.

      Circle the falls challenge - Fly to Niagara Falls and dip back and forth between Canadian and US airspace as you view the falls from the comfort of your favorite musketeer.

      The cultured Mouse challenge. Fly to 42B (Goodspeed Airport) have dinner, and see a play at the theatre next door before flying home. (Another possible airport ITH)

      the short stop - Land at three airports with a strip shorter than 2000 ft

      the mouse perspective. Land and take off at the longest privately owned airstrip in America (BLM)
    1. corcoran's Avatar
      corcoran -
      Mouseflyer, (Robert Staab, New Jersey)

      Those are great suggestions. Pick the ones you like best, invent some minimums to qualify and we'll put them before the Regional Directors for ratification.

      Tom Corcoran
      I love the Niagra Falls idea!
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