• Behind the scenes at BAC 9/16/20

    You might be interested in how this club operates. Volunteers is the answer.

    During the monthly BAC Board of Directors meeting on September 16th it was reported that we now have grown to 763 members. This is significant.

    People are joining because of the value BAC adds to their aviation experience and the significant lowering of costs to fly and maintain our aircraft.

    This is not just being lucky. There is a large volume of work that goes on daily by club volunteers. Obviously the club officers are busy keeping things rolling on a daily basis. In addition there are Regional Directors encouraging activities in their home states and countries. Some states have Airbosses that keep their fingers on the pulse of local activity. And of course, always included are the members who go to our fly-ins and make them successful.

    Right now the Board of Directors (16 people at this recent meeting) is working on a new updated website. A committee is assembling a ballot of nominees to run in the December elections. We have a new editor of our newsletter. Our Annual General Meeting will be announced for Saturday October 17 via internet. For fun, a plan is being made for every state to be visited by a (to be announced) BAC entity. Accommodating our members in Canada, England, Germany, Israel, Belgium, South Africa and Australia will be in the for-fun plan.

    Lots goes on behind the scenes and we ask... if someone approaches you and suggests that you accept a BAC position, please say yes. We need you to help be someone who keep things rolling.

    More behind the scenes info to come. Reach any Director or Officer at this one number:
    855 WE FLY BEECH. The recording will direct you where you want to go.

    Tom Corcoran
    Braintree, Massachusetts USA
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    1. bmitchell's Avatar
      bmitchell -
      The following is an excerpt of an article I wrote for BACTalk back in 2013. It still holds true today.........
      Brad Mitchell

      Volunteers Form The Backbone For BAC

      Synergy, the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual contributions, is what drives any activity from good to great. For Beech Aero Club to be great, requires many members combining their individual talents to create the greater good for all those involved. Hence BAC's call to task: All For One!

      Fewer than 100 members have previously volunteered to serve in one of the positions Tom has mentioned. For all their efforts, we are grateful; however, that currently represents less than fifteen percent of the total membership. For BAC to continue moving forward it behooves us all to involve more members and cultivate the knowledge that lies within.

      For any endeavor you always hope to get back more than what you put into it. For most of us, it's not been much more than contributing $50 a year, but more can be done. Whether it's as an officer, a regional director, a forum discussion participant, a fly-in coordinator or a recruiter of a new member, we all have the ability to help Beech Aero Club's continued growth as an organization. Each and every one of us can step up now and share the wealth of our expertise. Let's take volunteerism to a new level within this great club. To paraphrase former US President John F. Kennedy, ask not what Beech Aero Club can do for you, ask what you can do for Beech Aero Club!
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