• Greasy T-Shirt Contest

    Do you look good in a greasy T-Shirt? Do you like to watch men in their greasy T-Shirts? Do have a greasy T-shirt and you like to show off your unique figure in it. Then we need you at Enterprise (KEDN) Alabama this Saturday. ****** SOUTHEAST MUSKETEER FLY-IN at KEDN********<br />
    Official FLY-IN start time is 0930 on Saturday the 23rd October. <br />
    Lubrication demo performed by our very own Bob Steward<br />
    Jimme Henson is hosting the show and has graciously offered his Musketeer for the Demo. <br />
    <br />
    Some folks are arriving Friday evening for Beers at Effieís Cantina. If you are staying the night Iíve been told thereís a Comfort Inn close by. <br />
    The phone number is 334-393-2304. Last time I check the rate was $69.99+Tax. <br />
    <br />
    Sincerely,<br />
    Osman Iftikhar<br />
    N61526<br />
    One Greased up Mouse
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