• Fantasy of Flight Fly-In

    Just got confirmation from Fantasy of Flight. We have a fly-in (lunch and tour of museum) scheduled for 26 February. I have six aircraft signed up as of this morning. Particulars to follow as they get solidified.Present plan is as follows:

    Arrive Fantasy of Flight field (FA0 prior to 1000 Eastern.

    Ticket: $25 plus tax per individual.

    Lunch Chit: Must purchase for either Compass Rose Diner or Al Fresco - dining on the ramp.

    Link up Location/time: Front of Compass Rose Diner - 1000 Eastern (1500 Zulu).

    Depart: TBD

    Friday arrival / Bed down: TBD

    Attendance Roster (Name/N-number) turn-in: 11 Feb.

    No rain dates provided for FoF. We will have to go elsewhere for the 5th if 26th is weathered out.


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