• Atlantic City Fly-in Update - March 12

    Only one more week to the gala Atlantic City Fly-in. Let's hope that the weather next weekend is as perfect in NJ as it is today.The latest count shows that we will have at least 13 planes

    participating with the possibility of 10 more. There were actually a

    handful of additional 'possibles' but I didn't list them as they

    indicated they were unlikely to make it. We will probably get several

    more during this week and some who will arrive unannounced.

    Plan on arriving at Bader Field (KAIY) by ten A.M. on March 12. Earlier

    is fine if you want to. Be sure to check the airport directory, AIM,

    etc. so that you are aware of the traffic patterns at KAIY. Atlantic

    City approach are friendly folks and will escort you through the area if

    you like. Be aware of the two Restricted Areas north of Atlantic City.

    If active, there could be both military air traffic and ground-based

    weapons firing activity. If not using flight following or on an IFR

    flight plan I would suggest that you monitor 121.5 on your second comm

    while in the area.

    The plan is to formally meet at ten o'clock and from there we can check

    out each other's planes and then retire to the FBO office for swapping

    lies, questions & answers, etc. I expect we will be complete around noon

    or 12:30 and then, for those who wish to, off to the Atlantic City

    boardwalk for lunch or whatever. There is no restaurant on the airport


    We hope to be able to take photographs of each plane landing as well as

    the usual group pictures. Please have all of your exterior lights on

    while in the pattern at KAIY.

    IMPORTANT: This is a VFR-only event. Watch MusketeerMail and/or the BAC

    website for the go/no-go decision later in the week. As always - it is

    up to you, the pilot in command, to decide if you are comfortable and

    competent for the conditions that exist over your route of flight.

    I look forward to seeing everyone at KAIY next Saturday.


    Sundowner - N6363U

    March 12, 2005 Atlantic City Fly-In

    Bader Field (KAIY)

    Will Attend:

    Tom Corcoran

    Brian Foote

    Paul Werbin N3864Y

    Steve Cote N1958L

    Jack McAdams N6363U

    Pete MacPherson

    Mark Klieger

    Charles Castioni N6956Q

    George Pillar N24597

    Walter Goodale N8771M

    Mark Patacchiola N2013G

    Ozzie Alfonso N18996

    Gerald Jackson N18903

    Might Attend:

    Steve Hamel N1800P

    Gary Hylinski If out of annual

    Herb Harris N5953S Possible National guard


    Bob Swaim N6504R

    Bob Palmara If out of annual

    Jim Girgenti N6616R

    Phil Riley

    Ray Igou

    Carl Bastiani N21KM

    Kerry Muller N6629R
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