• Wright B Flyer

    I received an email yesterday stating that we will be able to tour the <a href="http://www.destinationdayton.com/wrightb/hours.html"><b>Wright B Flyer Museum</b></a> on Sunday morning before we leave Dayton 9am. If anyone would like to fly in the Wright B Flyer, let me know so that I can tell them in advance so that they have the right people on staff. Entry into the museum is free, rides on the Wright B Flyer are $150. I think I will take a ride, it sounds like fun.<br />
    See you all there.<br />
    <br />
    Brian Foote<br />
    BAC NE Regional Director<br />
    75 C23 N9198S<br />
    Wiscasset, Maine
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