• Insurance Renewal Premium Update

    I previously wrote about my positive renewal experience with Norris Hibbler's agency (Aircraft And Marine). Most of you know that Norris provides the insurance options for BAC (and the Bonanza group), so we get good group rates from his agency. <br />
    <br />
    To sum up the numbers:<br />
    AOPA 2004-2005: $1,411<br />
    AOPA 2005-2006: $1,380<br />
    Norris 2005-2006: $1,258 <br />
    The difference is 2.5 years' worth of BAC dues.My 2004-2005 quote for a "smooth" (no sub-limits) policy was $2,400, so I was forced to switch to the more common sub-limits coverage. Norris found me a 2005-2006 smooth policy for $1,503, so I selected that option, and once again have the much better coverage.
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