• North Central Fly In - Minden Ne. Aug 26-28

    <b><i>Only 1 Week Until</i></b> BAC North Central Fly-in, Pioneer Village, Minden, NE 0V3. Held in conjunction with the Antique Airplane Association Fly-In, August 27, 2005. I need to find out who plans on attending so that I can let them know how many we will have. I hope to get an area set aside for us to park together but I need a count by the 1st of Aug. Please contact me by e-mail dbuttram@aol.com if you plan to attend.
    Pioneer Village has a lot of things to offer, too numerous to mention. Visit their <a href="http://www.pioneervillage.com/index.htm" target="_blank">web site </a> for more information. You can also get the number to call to reserve hotel room if you plan to spend the night either Friday or Saturday. I plan on arriving around noon on Friday and departing about noon on Sunday. Join us for a weekend of Americana and plane talk.
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