• BACTalk has Arrived!

    <b>Here's hoping you're enjoying the first published issue of BACTalk. If you don't have it yet, it should be arriving in the next day or two.</b>In order to make BACTalk all the magazine you want it to be, we need your help with stories, photos and your technical "know-how" for future issues. As you can see, the bar has been set pretty high so sharpen up your pencils and send in a story and photos you can really be proud off. Think about:<ul><li>Funny Stories</li><br />
    <li>Great Flying Destinations</li><br />
    <li>Great Photos</li><br />
    <li>Flying Tips and Techniques</li><br />
    <li>Technical Articles</li><br />
    <li>CoPilot (spouse) Views and Anecdotes </li></ul><br />
    Can't promise that everything will be printed but give it a try! Besides, it's fun to see your name in print!! Send your submissions to <a href="mailto:editor@beechaeroclub.org"><b>BACTalk Editor</b></a> at any time. You can also leave me a message on the web site. The next issue will be getting underway soon. - Rick Koch
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