• Fly-in luncheon at Havasu City hosted by Marty Vanover on November 15th

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    <hr>Marty Vanover<br />
    Phoenix, Az.<br />
    <br />
    We are going to be hosted by Desert Skies vs. D2 Aero. They are discounting the gas by 20 cents / gallon. That would be $3.60/gal today, and we will get free tie down space. <br />
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    Desert Skies unicom is 123.3.<br />
    <br />
    Call on 123.3 to announce your arrival and a "follow me cart" will direct you to the parking. Desert Skies also has a "crew car" available. There is a new restaurant opening adjacent to Desert Skies called Waldo's BBQ. If everyone likes BBQ (who doesn't?) we could have our lunch at the airport and waddle back out to the airplanes and be home for dinner.<br />
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    There is a museum in Lake Havasu that sorta chronicles the growth of the area. If there is interest, we could go there for a hour or so to kill some time before lunch. One of our members has an interesting airplane on display there.<br />
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    On a side note, D2 Aero is supporting the 99s pancake breakfast Sunday morning in their hanger. So, anyone who gets there early enough, can have breakfast and lunch.<br />
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    If you can get away, please consider making the trip to KHII on Sunday, 15 November, 2009.<br />
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    Marty Vanover<br />
    Phoenix, Az.<br />
    <br />
    Here are a couple of nav blurbs to help! Cya all there!!<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <B><U>Airport Lake Havasu City (HII) (KHII)</B></U><br />
    <B>PAVED<br />
    <br />
    Publicly Owned, Public Use<br />
    6.0 mi. N of city.<br />
    N34-34.27 W114-21.50<br />
    Mag Var: 13 deg E<br />
    Phone: 928-764-3330<br />
    Fax: 928-764-2310 </B> <br />
    <img src="http://i569.photobucket.com/albums/ss132/3688Q/KHIIdiag.gif"alt="Image" title="Image" /> <img src="http://i569.photobucket.com/albums/ss132/3688Q/KHIISectional.jpg"alt="Image" title="Image" /><br />
    <br />
    <b>Navaids:</b><br />
    Type: ID: Freq: Radial: Distance:<br />
    VOR EED 115.2 139 13<br />
    Approach Freqs:<br />
    Los Angeles Center 134.65<br />
    <b>WX Contacts:</b><br />
    AWOS 119.025 928-764-2317;<br />
    <b>Traffic Patterns:</b><br />
    Light Aircraft 1800 MSL; Heavy Aircraft 2300 MSL;<br />
    <b>Runways:</b><br />
    14-32; 8001X100; asphalt; PCL; hill ry 32.<br />
    Right Traffic: 14;<br />
    <b>Noise Abatement:</b><br />
    In efct; all hrs; all acft; straight in/out apch/dep prohibited; No ovrflt residential communities 1 - 1/2 mi S SW<br />
    <b>Communication Freqs:</b><br />
    Unicom 122.7 CTAF 122.7<br />
    FSS PRESCOTT 122.4 122.2<br />
    <b>Lights: 24 hrs 122.7</b><br />
    Low - 3 clicks in 7 secs.<br />
    Med - 5 clicks in 7 secs.<br />
    Hi - 7 clicks in 7 secs.<br />
    Beacon: and during IFR cond
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