• How to I add photos to the Photo Gallery?

    How to I add photos to the Photo Gallery?

    Login to the BAC Website, click on 'Photo Gallery' in the 'General Resources' menu. Next go into the appropriate album where you want your photo to appear, 'Member Photos' and then into the model of your plane is normally most appropriate. After you are inside the album where you want your album to appear, click on the link that says 'Edit' near the top of the page. Click on 'Add Album' and give your album a short title and longer description. You can also select a 'Topic' for your album. The 'templates' just control how your photos are displayed, 'Thumbnails' usually looks best. Once set, click 'Add'.

    Now you can click the 'Add Images' link. Click the button to the right of 'Image file' to select the image from your computer you would like to add. (The name on this button can vary depending on what browser you are using.) Give the image a title and description, then continue to add additional images to your album. There is a file size limit of 145 kilobytes per image for the benefit of our many members who are still on dial-up connections. When finished scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click the 'Add' button. The page may take a VERY long time to advance to the next page as all of the images are being uploaded to our server.

    Your album should now be visible on the Gallery page of the BAC Website by clicking on 'Photo Gallery' from the 'Members Main Menu'.

    Keep in mind that items like parts diagrams, manuals, etc are better off being placed in the 'File Downloads' section of the website. The Photo Gallery is more for entertainment while the File Downloads section is more for technical and reference material even though that material might be photographs.
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