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Thread: BACFest 2015 Venue Search

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    BACFest 2015 Venue Search

    We have been to the east coast and soon we will be going to the west coast. This year we have a very small committee looking into where BACFest 2015 will be held. The consensus is that the next BACFest needs to be in the middle of the country. We are in the very early stages of searching for a venue and have a lot of work to do, especially if we are going to look at the huge area that could be considered "middle of the country". However, if you have a site you would like to see it at, let us know. Better yet, if you live near such a site and would be willing to host the event, give us your suggestion. If you are hesitant to host one because you are new to the club or are concerned about all the work that will need to be done to make the arrangements, we want to assure you there is help. You won't be alone. Let's make 2015 another great BACFest just like 2013 and 2014! You can post it here or PM either me or Bob Schmidt.
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    If there is interest in the DC region, Buffalo-Niagara Falls, Sandusky, OH, St. Louis, MO I am in for assistance and participation. I know a major factor is reasonable commercial airfare availability, cost effective hotels, events and volunteers.
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    Cleveland has a lake front airport right downtown and a big commercial airport. Lots of hotels, casino, Rock n roll hall of fame, etc.
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    BACFest 2015 Venue Search

    Hi Folks,

    I'd be interested in a Midwest fly-in - Cleveland area would be well within flying range for me... I recall Midwest BACfest locations were reported to have lower than normal participation - which is one of the reasons they've stuck more to the coasts... Burke Lakefront Airport ? Field trip to the Bass Islands ? I'm game...


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    st louis or kansas city ?? this is kind of in the middle of the greatest number of flyers (I believe)

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    When deciding on a venue, a density map of BAC members would be helpful. The coastal venues probably had the best attendance because they were closest to the largest number of members in that region. Cleveland is good because it is easily accessible by those of us living in the NE, Mid-Atlantic, and central US. Bit more of a hike for SE, SW, and Pacific NW, but that is why we need to move it around from year to year.
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    The consensus is that the next BACFest needs to be in the middle of the country.

    In the no good deed goes unpunished category, I'm going to assume this consensus is of the small committee for BACFest 2015 and not the membership as a whole since I haven't seen anything asking that question.

    It would seem to me that one of the goals of BACFest is for folks to be able to fly-in with their aircraft. But we know that isn't always an option, so I would think wherever the event is held, it needs to be somewhere with "easy access" and "low cost" commercial service--in addition to having facilities for those that can fly-in.

    John makes a good point about checking the demographics of our membership. (Without actually seeing those, my WAG is that moves the consensus location towards the East coast.)

    Since you asked about possible locations, Orlando comes to mind.
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    Gary, would you be able to coordinate and help with Orlando as a option.The small group on the committee would like to be larger.The event is really not up to potential with a small turnout.Fla does have great flying weather and the biggest region in members .Lets here from everyone . It is nice to hear everyone's input .

    John Persinger
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    The lively discussion so far has been good, but I think I need to give BAC members a little back ground about this. It is my understanding that in the past, members who were willing to host a BACFest would make a proposal to the BOD. The BOD then makes a decision based on what is best for the club and announces the location at BACFest. Right now there are no proposals as there have been in the past. BACFest 2014 is less than 2 months away so much needs to be done. What we have heard are complaints from those in the west who have to fly so far east and those from the east who have to fly so far west. So our thoughts are responsive to what we have heard. We need everyone's input, but the BOD will be making the final decision, not the committee.
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    Gary, even I may be able to make it if it is in Orlando
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