I just wanted to echo Tom Turner's word and thoughts for those down

Cloyd, we are all thinking about you and your family.

Shelby Smith
On Thursday, September 1, 2005, at 08:21 AM,
musketeermail@yahoogroups.com wrote:

> Special note: My sincere condolences and best wishes to all whose
> families
> have been affected by the nearly incomprehensible tragedy wrought by
> Hurricane Katrina.
> To those of us far less directly affected, highly-placed sources in the
> aviation fuel industry tell us to expect the possibility that
> short-term
> distribution issues may make AVGAS sporadically unavailable at some
> locations. Call ahead for availability, and plan to arrive at your
> destination with plenty of fuel to safely fly to another location if
> you
> encounter a shortage. Don't risk a fuel-related engine failure by
> arriving
> with minimum fuel (with the temptation to try to make it to another
> field
> for fuel) unless you're absolutely certain AVGAS will be available at
> your
> planned destination.

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