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Thread: Painted Post NY - 28SEP14 - Annual Chicken Bar-B-Q.

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    Painted Post NY - 28SEP14 - Annual Chicken Bar-B-Q.

    Hi Folks,

    7N1 Painted Post NY
    Sunday 28SEP14

    From AOPA Forum: "Just a heads up that Painted Post (7N1) will be doing its annual chicken BBQ on Sun Sept 28th from Noon til its gone. Always good food and lots of people."

    It's an official NY two'fer... Kobelt on Saturday and Painted Post on Sunday... For those of you not going to BACfest - a second NY event on the same weekend... With a name like "Painted Post" how could you go wrong ??? I just noticed this posted over at AOPA so it's not an officially sanctioned BAC event... I also have no first hand knowledge... If the weather is nice - I may try to make this Sunday event as well...


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    Hi Folks,

    Any takers ? I think I'm going to head up there...


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    Hi Folks,

    Beautiful day for a flight - Painted Post seems like tail dragger heaven - tricycle gear few and far between... Anyway - two days of flying - best I've managed since BACfest in Norfolk... No mice...


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