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Thread: Cavanaugh Bay - Priest Lake, ID

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    Cavanaugh Bay - Priest Lake, ID

    After BAC Fest, I was blocked by weather to the South. So, on recommendations by Mark Hoskins and James Brocksmith, I headed to 66S at Priest Lake, ID. The approach is over the bay to the grass strip. The strip is saddled, with the landing zone in the saddle about 500 ft from the threshold. Roll out is up a gentle slop. The runway (~15/33) is well crowned and firm. The grass was cut short and it was more like undulating asphalt than grass. Easy to land and taxi. When the wind is sufficient, you can take off up the slope, but normally it is the approach over the bay to RWY15 and departure on RWY 33 that is used.

    I camped as there are 4-5 camp sites with a common water source and electrical outlet. I elected to camp with the airplane as there was little level ground at the camp sites up in the cedar grove. There are clean restrooms and showers. Fresh coffee is available every morning at 6:00am. Owned by the Idaho Aeronautical something-or-the-other and is well kept. Best part, every thing is free! They do have a donation box. There is a lodge and restaurant at the end of RWY 33 with decent food and a good slection of beers. WIFI available too. The lake is ~ 27 miles long with three islands in it. two islands have campgrounds, the smallest is for day use. Mostly a recreational lake, they do catch Mackinaws, Silvers, Dolly Varden, Cutthroat, etc. Here are a few pictures:

    RWY 15 from landing zone
    Cavanaugh Bay 109.jpg

    Departure end of RWY 33
    Cavanaugh Bay 110.jpg

    Parking for campers
    Cavanaugh Bay 105.jpg

    Lodge restaurant
    Priest Lake 002.jpg

    View from lodge restaurant deck
    Priest Lake 004.jpg

    Unfortunately, I didn't get to fish.
    Marty Vanover
    Tucson, Az.

    Where "Sandy Beech" has landed.

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    Fantastic you made it there Marty!!! Nice place..... I was wondering where you ended up going. Enjoy!!!

    Mark Hoskins

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    Looks nice.
    Cloyd Van Hook
    Founder and First President of BAC

    States visited (though not necessarily landed in) by N2393L (AKA Minnie), N9227S (AKA Annie) and N26TM (AKA Mary) while I've owned and flown the aforementioned aircraft.

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    Cavanaugh Bay - Priest Lake, ID

    Happy you made the trip. Safe travels.
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    Nice pictures Marty .I wish I could join you.

    John Persinger
    Beech Aero Club President

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    Yeah, I'll be heading sooner or later! Thanks for the pics
    Where has our Sierra been:
    [SIGPIC]Where has our Sierra been[/SIGPIC]

    Jon Krane

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    Hey Marty,
    I don't believe you really DO fish. I reckon all that fishing gear will pass its use-by date and never get wet!

    Shoot, we went to Alaska and the only salmon we ate came from Fred Meyers!

    In Oz

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    Nice pix!

    Please, NEVER leave your towbar attached when parked. Take it off and lay it around the nosewheel.

    One of the guys in my hangar knows how much damage a towbar does to a prop.

    In Oz

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    That is definitely now on my list. Fly safe on your way home and may your gear always cycle correctly.

    N9357S - B24R Sierra
    Denis Weiser

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    Looks like Si%&*oe met you there with his boat...

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