I'm in Panama City, looks like about a 2.4 hour flight
from here to KMCB (going around the corner of the
TFR). We have gas (both auto and plane) although it
seems to increasing in price hourly. I'm available
this weekend although the little beech is parked on
Tyndall and I'm not sure what their tower hours are on
the holiday.

Not sure on the availablity of gas cans. I heard
there was a heck of run on them the last couple of

John Perry

--- Mike Rellihan <rellihan@rellihan.com> wrote:

> Update for everyone. Please let me know if anyone
> is within a shorter flight to McComb, KMCB (compared
> to Dave), so we can help David if the need arises.
> I just called the FBO (Air Services Of Mississippi,
> 601-684-8950), and they are 100% operational.
> Check with your employer before sending larger
> donations to the Red Cross, etc. I am a Prudential
> retiree, and Pru has qualified Katrina recovery for
> matching Company donations. That has effectively
> doubled my donation.
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> From: Mike Rellihan
> To: DButtram@aol.com
> Cc: David Kavanay ; Cloyd VanHook
> Sent: Friday, September 02, 2005 8:07 AM
> Subject: Fw: [BAC-Mail] Katrina Relief For Fellow
> Fliers
> Dave, sounds like David is being refueled out of
> Jackson for the moment. If that holds up, that's
> much more efficient (less fuel being used just
> getting it to him). Let's sit tight for now, unless
> we hear of another flying pal in dire straits. We
> are better off just sending in donations for
> everyone else.
> I heard from Bob Steward. He had a tree down but no
> critical difficulties. Sounds like a lot of people
> had to choose between car/family or airplane, and
> the airplane lost.
> Have heard no updates from Cloyd, so I don't know
> what he needs right now. At least he was in a safe
> area, last I heard (Houston).
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> From: David Kavanay
> To: Mike Rellihan
> Sent: Friday, September 02, 2005 6:29 AM
> Subject: Re: [BAC-Mail] Katrina Relief For Fellow
> Fliers
> Mike:
> your efforts are without a doubt beyond words of
> gratitude. my home base is KMCB McComb, MS.
> I am not in dire straights yet but we will have to
> wait and see how the conditions improve. yesterday
> I was able to get 30 gallons of gas and have a
> friend in Jackson, MS who has traveled and returned
> with about 100 gallons. I am sure he will give me
> what I need.
> As of now, I have a full tank in my truck and 15
> gallons on standby. As mentioned yesterday, I am an
> insurance adjuster and need to get out in the field
> and start getting people in this area some money. I
> have enough to keep me going from this point for two
> days. If things improve I will let you know.
> Again, your efforts and the generosity of people
> like you are what makes this the greatest country in
> the world. Please, continue to pray for all on the
> Mississippi Gulf Coast and New Orleans as that
> situation is without a doubt much worse than mine.
> I in fact, took a shower last night and went to bed
> with guilty feelings thinking of others with
> nothing.
> God Bless
> David
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> From: Mike Rellihan
> To: Dave Buttram
> Cc: David Kavanay
> Sent: Friday, September 02, 2005 12:48 AM
> Subject: Re: [BAC-Mail] Katrina Relief For Fellow
> Fliers
> Sounds good so far. I have CC'd David K.
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Dave Buttram
> To: Mike Rellihan
> Sent: Friday, September 02, 2005 1:21 AM
> Subject: Re: [BAC-Mail] Katrina Relief For
> Fellow Fliers
> If Monroe, LA (KMLU) is operating and has fuel,
> I could fly to there (about 4 hrs) and fill up
> before heading on the last hour or so. Let's see
> what tomorrow brings but with Monday being a Holiday
> I could spend the night Sunday night somewhere in
> Arkansas or Oklahoma if I need to. I'll check for
> Metal Gas cans tomorrow. Hopefully we can get
> somebody closer. I am VFR so it will also be weather
> dependent but right now it looks OK.
> Dave
> Mike Rellihan wrote on 09/01/2005, 11:48 PM:
> Yours is the first reply, Dave. Lets see what
> tomorrow brings. There has to be someone closer
> than five hours. I still need more logistical info
> from David (preferred airport location, will it have
> avgas or must we tanker in return-trip fuel, etc.).
> If he can tell me "where", I can find out the rest.
> He can use avgas to run things like generators and
> chainsaws, if he can get it. He drained some out of
> his plane (which is OK). But if the field still has
> no power, incoming planes can't refuel. If someone
> can fly in who is within an hour or so, they could
> carry in 20 gallons of "siphonable" fuel on one
> side, while having plenty for the return.
> If someone turns up who can go, I'll ask that
> they go by a farm supply, real hardware store, or
> the like, and check for some metal cans. They don't
> need to be the OSHA type with the expensive
> self-capping pouring valve; just the old Ironsides
> type with the large and small caps. I'll pay for
> them; they are much safer than the plastic type. I
> have five of them in my hangar. Of all the times to
> have my BFR run out, and be so far away from my
> plane. Although it would probably be four hours
> for me from either place (FL or SC). Someone closer
> would make it more cost-effective, to put money into
> supplies rather than flight fuel.
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> From: Dave Buttram
> To: Mike Rellihan
> Sent: Thursday, September 01, 2005 10:52 PM
> Subject: Re: [BAC-Mail] Katrina Relief For
> Fellow Fliers
> Mike, have you gotten any responses? Are
> they needing Auto fuel or
> Aviation fuel? I am not very close (about 5
> hours) but could possibly
> go down Early Sunday and be down there by
> noon. I would go by myself so
> could take quite a few supplies. I don't
> have metal gas cans (but I
> might be able to find some here). Let me
> know if I can help.
> --
> Dave Buttram
> BAC North Central Director
> N132P
> Mike Rellihan wrote on 09/01/2005, 05:51 PM:
> > David Kavanay is in McComb, MS, 100 miles
> North of New Orleans. I
> > haven't quite figured out exactly where
> Cloyd is (somewhere in
> > Houston), though I think I saw that he
> and Minnie are safe; no word on
> > his home. Haven't heard how Bob Steward
> has fared, though I saw some
> > recent notes from him; maybe he can
> update us when he sees this.
> >
> > I am in FL until next Wednesday, and
> Sunny B is in SC. I won't have a
> > current BFR until two weeks after I get
> back to SC. Who do we have
> > who is within reasonable flying distance
> of McComb, who could take in
> > some gasoline in safe, metal, sealed five
> gallon cans? Along with
> > other supplies if requested? Apparently
> gasoline and cash are the two
> > major shortages.
> >
> > I have sent donations to the Red Cross
> and to Prudential Matching
> > Gifts Foundation (they are 100% matching
> donations from employees and
> > retirees). I'm trying to find out
> whether there is a way to get some
> > cash to David, through a brother in law
> in Jackson, or PayPal, or
> > something. Would anyone else be able to
> help with gas and flight costs?
> >
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