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Thread: Article: Southeast Fly-in for November 2014

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    Article: Southeast Fly-ins for November 2014

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    The fly-in is attached to a Pancake Breakfast sponsered by the Airport--anyone interested contact me (fred) @


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    Planning on being there (AOPA fly in) if weather is VFR from Aiken.


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    Change on the meeting at KSSI. We will meet just outside of the entrance to the Vendor area on the Jeppesen side of the building at 11:00 a.m. Call me ((855-933-5923) Ext. 712) when you arrive if you have any questions.
    SE RD
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    Oops. Didn't see the change. That's why I didn't find you guys.


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    Sorry Don. I wish you had called me. I had called the FBO earlier in the week and they could not give me any information as to the location of the set up, so used the vendors location. I figured it was a place everyone could find regardless of where it was on the field.

    Please send me the info of your trip and I will turn it in for President's trophy points.

    Tim Hill, Charlie Deck and I also attended.


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    old member Norton Geddie and Doug Muse were also in SSI. I was chatting with the new AOPA Foundation Executive Director Jim Minow. He owns a Sundowner and is based in Leesburg, VA. Jim said he was going to join BAC. Any members in the Leesburg area should meet him. Great guy.

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    Doug, I wish you had given me a call. It would have been nice to visit.


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    I looked for you but didn't see anyone. My phone didn't charge that morning so I was without a phone till that night. Lesson learned: Always remember to make sure the plug is IN the wall when hooking up the phone to the cable. It helps.

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