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Thread: Bahamas trip December 2014 anyone?

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    Bahamas trip December 2014 anyone?

    I will be flying to the Bahamas around December 1924 and have a wide open itinerary till Dec 24. If anyone wants to join a long weekend Bahamas trip we can make it a BAC flyin. I can help with the flight planning, destination, customs questions etc for anyone that has not made a Bahamas trip in the past. Why not escape the pre-holiday shopping craziness and do something really special? Totally open as to where we stay etc. If we have some interest we can get an imeet conference going. Still plenty of time for eAPIS, customs questions etc.

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    Paul- this is a great idea and something I would like to do in the future. Unfortunately it won't work for me this year.
    Roland Ashby
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    Just a suggestion: If a couple of BACers are going, make it an official BAC fly in, you as host will get 100 PT points plus your one way mileage. Post it 5 days before the event on the website. You might want to check with our International RD Mark Weiss to see if it's ok to have a fly-in in his region.


    Rap McBurney

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    I will do that if we can get some interest. I usually will do a spring Bahamas trip also. If Mark weiss can fly in I will donate all my points.

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    Paul, looks like I'm going the first week in December. I think I'm heading back to Staniel Cay. If you have other suggestions to visit I would appreciate the info( I've been to Treasure Cay, Stella Maris). Was thinking about Georgetown for a day or two?
    Eddie Smith

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    Georgetown is OK for a Moderately developed place. If you like Staniel You will probably enjoy Cat Island or Andros for more remote and quiet. Great Bonefishing on Andros!

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    One of my favorite BAC stories is that within one month of his Private Pilot Checkride Ed joined us in a rented plane at our first BAC To The Bahamas Flyin. This is a great example that shows how Epic flight trips do not need a lot of experience to work out well.

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    I would be interested in a spring trip --this has been on my to do list --

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    Ed, are you going to stop in St. Augustine this year? Cheap gas. $4.59 last time I flew. I'll buy lunch.

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