As has been said, it isn't impossible to replace the spring in the original handles (by making one), but it is beyond the capabilities of most weekend oil-changers. You have to un-stake the handle axle and remove it, make and install the new spring, and replace (then re-stake) the handle axle. In most cases the handle remains very sloppy unless the handle holes are reamed and a new axle made. From my perspective it isn't even remotely worth the effort, in light of the cost of the new W-A replacement handle. Not to mention the fact that most of the original handles are pretty sloppy and rusted by now. Beech no longer sells the original 1040BCH handles. They show a new stock date of April 2006, but don't hold your breath. You'd lose your breath when you saw the new price anyway, based on our experience with the Hartwell handles.

I hope to soon (within a couple of weeks) be offering the Wag-Aero 1040BCH handle, complete with a new lock cylinder like the originals, keyed to match your ignition key. You send me a copy of your ignition key, which goes back to you with the new handle. Wag-Aero has begun making and shipping these handles using a two-sided keyed and tapered wafer lock, in which the wafers are staked in place; they cannot be replaced nor re-keyed. I remove that cylinder and replace it with the original type, which in turn can be replaced with another keyed-alike lock cylinder some day. These handles must be installed on a 337 as they have no PMA, but they are virtually identical to the originals. They are literally identical on the outside; and only someone who knows the planes intimately could tell anything different about the inside (if they removed the handle to examine the inside of it).

As soon as I am back in SC (sometime between Wednesday and Friday of this week), I will be publishing the information on how to order the AEC gear cushions, both the -1s (all fixed-gear legs plus the Sierra nose gear), and the -7s (Sierra main gear legs). This includes Jo-bolts for the fixed-gear main legs. Pricing will be shown for all of it; just over half of the RAPID price (more on that in the announcement).

Still working on the Hartwell door handles, and the shimmy dampers. Has anyone seen or heard from Lee Robinson? I seem to have lost contact with him.

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I repaired my door handle by disassembling it and
making a new spring from music wire obtained at a
model airplane hobby shop. It took a couple of hours
of time, some experience with model airplanes and a
couple of tries but it has worked fine for several
years now.

There have been some reports of finding a replacement
handle at Wag Aero but I have no experience with that

Willis, A23

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> Hello All.....The outside door handle on my 67 Sport
> now hangs partially
> open in flight. The door functions normally and
> latches soundly but the little
> spring or ? that kept the handle flush no longer
> functions so it hangs open
> about an inch in flight. I have not been able to
> locate any reference to this
> spring in the parts book or been able to see where
> the spring might of been
> by looking at the latch. Thanks in advance
> Joe
> 1967 A23-19
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