Hi Jerry,
I think the proper answer is it is an A&P job. On the other hand,
connecting a wire between two points..... Might want to see if your friendly
neighborhood A&P would let you do it and then make a logbook entry after an
inspection. Even if he does it, you are looking at a 10 minute job. BTW,
new stainless steel ADF antennaes are available from most of the aviation
supply houses.

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Hi folks,

Yesterday, I was out flying, having a great time. It was smooth as
glass out there, and I felt like an airliner, doing that IFR stuff .

A few times, I heard a strange rattling or "shuffling" noise. When I
landed, I saw that the ADF longwire had broken, and was laying in messy
coils on top of the fuselage.

SO: The obvious thing is to put a new longwire. For legality, is that

* An A&P job?
* An I/A job?
* An avionics repair station job?

- Jerry Kaidor ( jerry@tr2.com )

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