I've been in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia flying missions
this week. I ran across, what appears to be a great church group that is
spearheading relief in the Gonzales, LA area. Here is the information:

I've hooked-up with the Dutchtown Baptist Church who is coordinating
efforts for the displaced in this area. If you and/or your church or
community are wondering where to send supplies you may want to hook-up
with this church. If you know of homes willing to take the homeless, the
church can put you in contact with the right people. Their phone number
is 225-673-6612. Some of the supplies they are looking for are
non-perishable food in cans, especially canned meats and beans. They
also need over-the-counter antibiotic cream (anything to fight
infection) bandages, feminine products, diapers, Depends, etc. From
another source I heard they need flip-flops. Wal-Mart gift cards can
also be distributed so people can buy exactly what they want. The needs
will change from week to week, but right now they definitely DON"T need
outer clothing (they have mountains of clothes) however they do need all
sizes of underwear.

David Snodgrass
BAC East Central Regional Director
Beech Be23 N6083N
North Manchester, IN

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