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Thread: Volunteers needed for fly-in events in SE Region

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    Volunteers needed for fly-in events in SE Region

    There are two aviation events this month on the East Coast of Florida that we need a host/hostess for approximately 30 minutes a day (or less, your choice). It would involve being at a designated location at a designated time (your choice) to meet and greet for any members that are attending. We will place the event on the calendar if we get a volunteer(s).

    The first event is the TICO WARBIRDS show on March 13, 14, 15. This year they will honor the memory of the Vietnam Veterans. This has always been a nice show with a large attendance.

    The second event is the Melbourne Air & Space Show on March 21 & 22. The Blue Angles, F-22 Raptor, F-16 Viper, MV-22 Osprey, and Michael Goulian are the scheduled performers.

    The third event is SUN n FUN at KLAL (Lakeland, FL). We need volunteers for each day of the event (April 21 through 26) for a meet and greet. The designated meeting point will be at the large BEECHCRAFT sign on the manufactures row. Time will be determined if and when we get volunteers.

    It is your organization and your time and efforts would be appreciated for improving the BAC experience.

    If anyone is willing to volunteer, please contact me at 855-933-5923, ext: 712 or reply to this thread.

    It would be nice for members to take a few minutes to meet other members.
    Thank you,
    Dave S.
    SE RD

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    I am.planning on being at Sun n Fun for the first few days. I am happy to help while I am there. Roughly April 21 through 23. What is planned? Is the meet and greet an informal meeting spot or do we have a place at the type club area this year?

    Paul Werbin
    Flight Ops/Safety director.

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    Thank you for volunteering. FAST FRED also stepped forward for one of the early days. So we should have Tuesday and Wednesday covered. It will be an informal meeting spot (this year at the large BEECHCRAFT vendor sign on the manufactures row) at a time to be determined (mainly by the choice of the member hosting that day). A time slot of 30 minutes is enough for a volunteer to host the meet and greet. After all, you and others traveled a long way to attend the event.

    The paid spot in the type tent has never worked to my knowledge. We can never get enough volunteers to do the meet and greet, let alone man the type tent for 6 days.

    The dinner is scheduled for Thursday evening at the Outback on S. Florida Ave. as it has been the past two years. An RSVP to me is requested.

    Thanks again, Paul

    SE RD
    855-933-5923 EXT:712

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    Yup. Thanks. Is the Sun n Fun BAC activities posted somewhere?

    Paul Werbin
    Flight Ops/Safety director.

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    It will be posted following the Board meeting tonight.

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