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Thread: Alternative Landing Gear Cushions Now Available From AEC

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    Alternative Landing Gear Cushions Now Available From AEC

    The alternative FAA-PMA gear cushions (donuts) are now available from AEC. Kamran hopes and expects that the automated website ordering will be working on Monday; My understanding is that the online ordering capability will include a credit card option. Note that if the online capability still does not work by the time you try it/need it, Kamran can accept manual orders by phone, but they will require non-card payment methods. Evidently AEC isn't set up for card orders in their office.

    Below is the parts list and AEC pricing; I have added the current RAPID pricing in red. The prices do not include shipping cost; you will have your option of preferred shipping to your location. If you are outside the USA, and as a BAC member you have purchased small parts from me before, please contact me offline if ordering from AEC is a problem for you. The magenta commentary is mine, not AEC's. The color-coding and bolding probably will not show up in the mail list text. I will CC Tim Flight, in hopes he can format it into a News Article on the BAC Home Page for me, with the formatting retained via HTML. If you need a formatted copy before Tim can get to it, send me the request.

    1 set, AEC-169-380003-7, 8 pieces/set, $360.00/set. (RAPID $674.26) (Supersedes the 169-380003 basic number part. These fit all three fixed-gear legs, and the nose gear on the Model 24 retracts)

    1 set, AEC-169-380098-1, 8 pieces/set, $520.00/set. (RAPID $1,202.36) (These fit the main-gear legs on the Model 24 retracts. Some sources have referred to these as 169-380098-3 or Lord J11968-10 cushions, but those are numbers that are used only on individual cushions; they do not apply to the full sets. Only full sets of eight have been available from RAPID, under the -1 part number)

    2 Jo-Bolts needed per landing gear side, standard size NAS1669-6L7, $29.00 each. (RAPID $29.7 The RAPID price on these is actually reasonable, but many owners have been paying local shops as much as $50 for these bolts. While the parts book shows one long bolt, the actually application uses two short bolts, presumably to prevent interference with the cushion stack tube.

    The standard size Jo-bolt uses a hole that measures .375 to .378 inch. Oversize Jo-bolts are NAS1751-6L7, and use a hole that measures .3905 to .3935 inch. Oversize bolts are far more expensive, at $67.06 from RAPID. AEC does not plan to stock the oversize bolts.
    In addition to the shop manual, Beech SI0465-202 should be used as a reference while planning and carrying out this work. This SI authorizes the drilling and reaming of a second set of holes 1.25" below the original hole. If you are using a competent shop, it may be cost-effective to drill and ream new standard-size holes, since you'd be paying for oversize reaming of worn original holes anyway. If the gear legs are not loose prior to beginning the work, standard-size bolts will probably work fine.

    Shipping options: UPS-next day, UPS-second day, or UPS-Ground

    Method of payment for phone orders (manual orders) can be:
    Cashiers check (preferred because it is quicker)
    Money order is also acceptable
    Personal checks needs bank endorsement
    Company checks are acceptable.

    Best regards,
    Kamran Rouhani; Aviation Engineering Consultants, Inc.
    2159 McMullen Booth Road, Clearwater, Florida 33759
    727-723-1332 Phone


    We have been working with AEC on these parts for roughly three years, in hopes of improving on the ridiculous Beech pricing. AEC received their initial FAA-PMA approval for these in June of 2003, but encountered multiple conformance failures in production batches from their contracted suppliers. After several setbacks and repeated additional investment of many thousands of dollars, we now have long-needed parts at roughly half of the Beech price.

    Many people have been delaying this maintenance in hopes of being able to save $1,000 or so on the job. Now they can. We have been telling AEC about the repeated parts requests, and pent-up demand for these parts. While I have no financial interest in these parts (nor in AEC), I wish to encourage everyone who needs these cushions to buy them as soon as they can. We need credibility as an organized group, if we hope to partner with AEC and other potential suppliers.

    On their part, AEC can't embark on additional projects with us if they can't recover their initial R&D investment fairly quickly. We hope to move along with things like the Hartwell handles, plastic quadrant covers, shimmy dampers, control knobs, interior plastic, etc. AEC won't be able to put thousands of dollars into those and similar projects, if they aren't recovering the thousands spent on the gear cushion project. Please place your order as soon as you can.

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    Donuts order

    I was happy to hear that the donuts were now available. I wasted no time and placed an online order last night. No problem with the Online process. I recieved an email confirmation within mins. and today recieved a email shipping confirmation with UPS tracking number.

    I want to thank Mike for bull dogging this with AEC. With this order I think that I have savings that will pay for many years of BAC Dues.

    Mike Dawson

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