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Thread: Article: Discount Club Donut Special (bulk Club order special in progress )

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    Article: EXTENDED Discount Club Donut Special (bulk Club order special through AEC a

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    John Persinger
    Beech Aero Club President

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    Retracts need two sets of retract donuts for MLG and one set of fixed gear donuts for NLG.

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    Sorry , Cloyd I just posted the original to make it a article. Jo -bolts only needed on fixed gear mains (2 a side ,sometimes three) retracts have different donuts for the mains only. Fixed gear works on mains ,NLG and NLG of retracts.

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    Is this offer still available? if so, what is the timeframe for ordering, and the cost?

    I need two (2) sets for a Sundowner.


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    The bulk order has expired, however AECi offers discounts to BAC members. Contact Darcy at AECi, mention your membership.


    Rap McBurney

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    I think you mean no shelf life limitation. Not no shelf life. But I am glad that you are working on a group purchase again. Mine are still in good shape after about 8 years of use, but I will buy a complete set for a retract and put them in storage until needed since they are fine when stored. I suspect that the price will gradually increase enough that it makes sense to take part in a BAC bulk purchase if you work out a BAC deal.
    Thanks JP

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    We are looking for under $600 a set price point . We need members to step up . Currently a Sierra is @ $2300 for a complete replacement (3 sets) . This could save the BAC member over $500 .

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    $600 per wheel ain't bad. I need to replace my MLG so you can count me in for 2 fixed gear sets.

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    Perhaps if we do another group purchase we need a Barnstormers ad, join BAC and participate in the group purchase, save hundreds of dollars....or something like that

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    Flight Levels Flight Levels rashby's Avatar
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    I would also jump in on a purchase for my fixed main gear.
    Roland Ashby
    Beech Sport, Aeronca Chief (sold) and Zenith CH650 (currently being built)

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