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Thread: AOPA Fly In Salinas, CA KSNS

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    AOPA Fly In Salinas, CA KSNS

    Ok Guys and Gals we're trying again. We were weathered out of Sedona but Salinas is on the Horizon next Saturday. If all goes well I should arrive around 9:30 am. My cell number is 530-908-1172 for BAC members wishing to mingle. Everyone fly safe and I'll see you there

    Bob Lewis

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    Thanks for continuing to try to give the Southwest members an opportunity to get together. The long range weather for Salt Lake is not looking good for flying but, moreover, I will be otherwise occupied and unable to attend. Hope somebody from the SW region shows up besides just you! It'd be nice to see the membership respond.
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    All for one!
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    If it's just me, no problem as long as our members fly safe. No taking chances with weather ! Have a good weekend Chris and think about us.

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    Since I live in Santa Cruz, based at Watsonville, I will be there. 10 minute flight. Look forward to meeting anyone.

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    Chris take my number off the thread so I can meet up and say hello. Bob

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    Delayed my confirmation until I knew about this weekend. I am flying over to Salinas tomorrow, Saturday, and would like to meet. My cell: 831-246-0991.

    Chris Kilgus

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    Ok, I must be doing something wrong. How can I get weathered out in Ca ? Why is the ceiling too low to go ? We have had no rain, every day I WORKED was great but Sat, different story. Sitting here frustrated...oh well, my passengers cancelled too. Wonderful

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