Hi Folks,

Looks like my Sundowner needs a new starter. My IA recommends getting
a new-technology lightweight one. But which one? Looks like there's
five or six different ones on the market.

The ideal starter would:

* Be just as rugged as the original
* Draw LESS current than the original
( this is important: I think the most common little starters draw
MORE current, in order to turn the prop faster; with the battery
in the tail, the effect could be opposite, because of the long
wire from the battery to the front )
* Fit perfectly, with the link to the alternator in the right place,
and nothing to foul the oil cooler
* Work with the existing electrical lead, without needing to extend it

Anybody know which one it is? Anybody got a new permenant magnet starter
in their bird and had good luck with it? Bad luck? Within the parameters
of the starters I see in the Aircraft Spruce catalog, I can honestly say
that price is no object.

- Jerry Kaidor ( jerry@tr2.com )

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