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Thread: Triple Tree Fly-in Invitation

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    Triple Tree Fly-in Invitation

    Ok, Oshkosh is history. You've been overloaded with vendors
    and airplane sales people. You're looking for someplace to take your beautiful
    Beech and just enjoy the place, the people and the planes. Triple Tree Aerodrome
    offers an incredibly beautiful 7,000 x 400 ft grass runway, unlimited scenic
    camping, lakes with BIG fish, 6 miles of walking trails and "Fun, Fellowship and
    Hospitality." This fly-in is NOT air show or vendor driven. It is all about
    having a great time with old and new friends and looking at some of the world's
    best airplanes. There's going to be great meals offered and a day in beautiful
    downtown Greenville available for the wives. We've also got a virtual
    smorgasbord of seminars lined up that includes riveting, aircraft fittings,
    sheet metal, aircraft tires, etc. Please visit our website at for more info.
    This is quickly becoming THE fly-in event!

    Plan to attend!

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    I will be happy to post that for a SE Region Fly-in. Would you be interested in hosting it? I think you would have an opportunity for a good turnout. I have never been there, but have heard it is an excellent venue.

    SE RD

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    I'd be happy to act as host - I will only be there Friday and Saturday. Now I need host training....


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    Thanks, Don. I appreciate that very much.

    I will be in touch soon.


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