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Thread: Spring 2016 Bahamas Fly-In

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    Spring 2016 Bahamas Fly-In

    A few years ago we had a very fun group trip to the Bahamas with some great flying, some fishing, snorkeling, some fun island hopping. That trip started with meeting in Florida and making sure we all had paperwork in order etc. With 60 airports and 600+ islands there are lots of choices and all types of places to stay. I stay away from the bigger places, so Nassau and Freeport generally are not for us, except to meet some guests that fly in commercially. There are places in the out-islands that can accommodate any number of us.
    This would be an easy flying VFR or IFR trip and is much easier than many people expect. Anyone interested? Maybe early March 2016? We have plenty of time to get the organizing done. Old discussions on related topics of over water, raft rental etc still apply.

    Paul Werbin
    Flight Ops/Safety director.

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    Hey Paul, I might be up for such a trip. It will have to coincide with my wife's spring break though. That would be March 6-13th. The hardest part for me is getting to Florida. Tom

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    I know Mary and I have expressed interest in this flight many times but now that we are retired there are no more excuses. Please put us down for two!
    Gary Mascelli
    ASEL - IA

    Flight Journal
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    "Life isn't about avoiding the bruises... It's about collecting the scars... To prove we showed up for it." Boy have I got the scars.

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    It is too early for me to plan exact dates for the Spring. But will see how that week works so far. My vote would be meet in Florida to regroup and then head to an island. We have an offer on the table for a St. Augustine night but we need to decide on destination so that all the different planes can make it on a tank of gas to wherever we decide to go. I usually start from someplace further south.

    Paul Werbin
    Flight Ops/Safety director.

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    I will host a day/evening in St. Augustine for the trip, as long as it is not either weekend of Bike Week. We do have customs at St. Augustine, but most people I know go to Ft. Pierce, rent rafts, life vests, and etc. for the trip. It is 106 miles from Ft. Pierce to Freeport. A lot of people will go into Freeport, clear customs, then go where ever they want after that. It is 156 miles from St. Augustine to Ft. Pierce. Self serve 100LL at KSGJ is currently $4.09 per gallon. As the plan comes together we can see if everyone wants a fuel & lunch stop, or if they want me to make overnight arrangements.
    Please keep me in the loop. We can make St. Augustine a Fly-in and I think Jeff the International Director would be happy to make a stop in the Bahamas one as well. We can check.

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    Looks like I'm back. Depending on dates I'll plan on going. Probably have a few extra seats if needed. Staniel Cay just got started on runway repairs. Suppose to reopen around Christmas. My top vote as one destination.
    Eddie Smith

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayward View Post
    We can make St. Augustine a Fly-in and I think Jeff the International Director would be happy to make a stop in the Bahamas one as well. We can check.
    I'm actually going to be in Freeport, in the Bahama's with the Century Flight Club from Canada. 13-19 March 2016! So if you guys are there around that time I would definately join you for a flyout.
    Jeff Knight
    Beech Aero Club
    International Director
    B19 Sport 150
    Cold Lake, Alberta

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    I will be planning a November or December trip soon. March trip can be organized easily enough when it gets closer. I am more of a "next month" planner than "next year".
    St Augustine would work if our Bahamas destination is close enough, but that is pretty far from a lot of the islands. I like a short morning trip when possible? St. Augustine customs is not good for our trips. We are supposed to stop at our first available US port of entry, which means Ft Pierce or south of there usually.
    It would be great if we could get a March trip together and you could fly out from Freeport to meet us. Easy island hopping is fun. Usually I avoid the two big tourist destinations, but will stop there if I need to pick up someone.

    Paul Werbin
    Flight Ops/Safety director.

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