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Thread: Dixieland BAC Band - - for you to ponder ....

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    Dixieland BAC Band - - for you to ponder ....


    Typically with a group this size I find interest in getting together for some (very simple) informal music.

    The instruments involved are tenor sax, banjo, guitar, vocal, bass, drums, clarinet, trumpet, piano and trombone. If you want to join in with any of these, let's chat at DBQ and we'll make plans for some possible tunes at BAC 2016. Better yet, bring it to DBQ and we'll hit a few notes from the easy-to-play sheet music, and I can send you home with a complete set.

    Feel free to PM me and I can forward you a couple of samples of the sheet music and the play-along music to try at home now. Simple.

    Music and flying go together, and you need another fun project anyway, (!)


    photo - - sailboating event at Lake Havasu ... with our impromptu (never played together before) band having fun
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    Nelson Amen
    landed and supported local economy

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    A bow tie and sneakers........................Love it!
    In Oz

    Where I have landed a Beech

    (Plus, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom)

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    I play a mean air guitar and my wife asks me to only sing in the shower, so I guess I'm relegated to being a roadie.


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    I play the alto swinette, but left it at home. I'm in Baton Rouge and will fly to Wichita tomorrow. I could borrow my brothers baritone swinette, but I've lost some weight and it would be a real hassle getting it in the Sierra.
    Marty Vanover
    Tucson, Az.

    Where "Sandy Beech" has landed.

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