Elaine and I want to thank everyone on the BACfest team that made such an incredible event.
A special shout-out and thanks to Dennis. Amazing fellow...

The bad news was we didn't have time to say "Hi and goodbye to everyone" but we have commitments here in TX that required our leaving while it was still fast VFR southbound.

Fast it was, too: With the fresh prop balance we picked up 16-20 knots aloft on the tail/quartering down to Fort Smith, AR: Off DBQ at 9:15AM and there about 12:45.. After fueling just 2.2 down to KPSN.

Thank you all so much for your hospitality and we regret not being able to join you (ya'll) for the spread tonight.

Here's to tailwinds and tax reform... Eat hearty tonight and we'll do a sun dance.

George and Elaine
BACintheheartof TX