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Thread: Abel Island Video

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    Red face Abel Island Video

    If anyone would like to order a full length version of Abel Island Fly-out video send Digital Dubuque a check for $25 in an envelope with your name, address, phone#, and email address. Their address is:
    P.O. Box 1652
    Dubuque, IA 52004-652

    Include 'BACFest 2015 DVD Video Order' on your note.

    When the short version played Saturday there were many 'oooohs and aaaah's. Very entertaining!

    N9357S - B24R Sierra
    Denis Weiser

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    For those of you who did not make it to BACFest and the Able Island fly out, it was a very humbling experience. The field was long enough, but it did not look it. It had very large trees and houses at the approach end so planes had to fly over them and then sink quickly to the runway. Many of us had a bounce that was disappointing. However, when I departed we were almost tossed into the sky after going through a dip. We felt and saw it, but it was not apparent on the video. We now think that a lot of the landing bounces were from one or two dips in the runway that were not apparent to the naked eye until we went over them. It was entertaining and you will enjoy the video even if you were not there.
    Mike Nielsen
    McCook, NE
    Sierra N9164S

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    There is one in every crowd. Sadly, I guess it's me this time.

    Can we pay pal this?

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    I think that this video is a great instruction tool for those of us that took part. When you look at the video I bet that most of us will be very happy to see how it looked compared to how it felt! But once over that, we can all look at our landings with a sharp eye. Did your approach path and descent angle compare to most?
    Did you land on your main gear and keep your nose in the air till you slowed?
    Did your speed seem appropriate, or did you float a long way?
    When ( not if!) you took a little bounce, did you keep attitude and let it settle?
    I bet that most of us are our own worst critics but we can put it to use on these rare occasions that we get an outside view.

    Paul Werbin
    Flight Ops/Safety director.

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    Or better yet, Paul ....... another question .....

    Can I edit out my landing???? Dude!

    (actually, this was one of the many highlights we all experienced)

    Nelson Amen
    landed and supported local economy

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    Orbiting Earth Orbiting Earth sjcote's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Springfield, Massachusetts
    Just stuck my check in the mail. Which comes first? Pony Express or Steamboat?

    Steve Cote
    BAC Founding Member
    Sundowner N-1958L

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    My landing with some great music provided by YouTube.
    Kyle Setrum
    Super III

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    That was a good landing and fun music. That's the kind of music that makes you say 'no, please put me back on hold a few more minutes'

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    Quote Originally Posted by wdnd5960 View Post

    There is one in every crowd. Sadly, I guess it's me this time.

    Can we pay pal this?
    Bill, I will call them, find out, and then reply to this post.

    N9357S - B24R Sierra
    Denis Weiser

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    Can it be downloaded to the website?

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