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Thread: Article: SUCCESS! Pancakes, Pumpkins, Autumn Color New Hampshire Fly-in

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    Pancakes, Pumkins, Color Fly-in

    Ron Cribbie, Airboss of New Hampshire announces this BAC annual fly-in.
    October 24, 2015
    Emerson Aviation at Laconia NH KLCI
    Arrive between 8am and 11am gets you pancakes and a BEECH BUM t-shirt.
    See fabulous autumn scenery in this magnificent part of a beautiful state.

    2015 pancake breakfast.pdf
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    I will definitely try to make this one, I think I have the time off from work, hope the weathers good.


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    Hi Folks,

    Yep - tentative yes... Imagine that - me actually flying to a fly-in...

    I did a short hop to Sidney NY last evening - it was picture perfect and I think the foliage was at its peak - one of those evenings that make the cost, work, and headaches of plane ownership worthwhile... I love this time of year...


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    Arrgh! I am working again. And even if I wasn't, I have multiple conflicts with family events.
    See you next time.

    Steve Cote
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    Would love to make it and see some of you guys again, but already have plans for the weekend. KLCI is an easy flight from Maine.


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    Ok - I'm here - anyone else ?


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