I just installed one of these in my 1976 Sundowner. It's the "inline"
kind that costs $500. Supposed to be heavy duty, OK for helicopters,
Lycoming engines up to O-720. It's also supposed to draw less current
the stock starter.

It went on easily. It used the three stock studs, the one stock bolt,
everything just bolted up. The big cable needed to be just a hair longer,
but there was enough slop in it to make up the difference - I pulled it
a bit out through the firewall grommet - that way, the cable is still not
taut in the engine compartment.

On testing it, my mouth just dropped open and I stared in slack-jawed
amazement - I have NEVER seen a propeller cranked so fast by a starter!
I hope that it's not TOO fast, given the amount of advance from the
impulse coupling.

- Jerry Kaidor ( jerry@tr2.com )

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