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Thread: Pop-Up Fly - PA - KRDG - SAT - 31OCT15 @ 11:30

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    Pop-Up Fly - PA - KRDG - SAT - 31OCT15 @ 11:30

    Hi Folks,

    Dave (DF14W) and I have a tentative plan to meet for lunch at Reading PA on Saturday... I think we have some folks based there or close by - figured I'd just throw it out there if anyone wants to join us...

    Reading PA (KRDG)
    Saturday 31OCT15 @ 11:30

    The restaurant is on the field....


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    I would love to make the hop to RDG but I drop off 08Romeo for ADS-B install starting Friday.
    Gary Mascelli
    ASEL - IA

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    "Life isn't about avoiding the bruises... It's about collecting the scars... To prove we showed up for it." Boy have I got the scars.

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    I will be there. Driving unless someone is passing by Pottstown, PA...
    Chris Nowak
    N47 - Pottstown, PA

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    Orbiting Earth Orbiting Earth corcoran's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Braintree and Cape Cod, Massachusetts,
    As is the Northeast tradition, members who attend will get a stylish BEECH BUM t-shirt.
    Just let me know who was there via email:

    Tom Corcoran
    Northeast Director

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    Hi Gary - sorry you can't make it - maybe next time...

    Hi Chris - sounds good - you're a long way from home - no ? Your profile lists MO....

    Hi Tom - as always - thanks for your fine leadership and support...


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    Pottstown is on my way. I can pick you up around 11 ?
    N47 ?


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    Yup. I am a long way from home. I came specifically for the Reading, PA event. LOL... Actually, I work for a company in King of Prussia, PA. I happen to be staying this weekend so the opportunity to meet up with the BAC team is awesome.


    I can meet you at N47 at 11AM. That would be wonderful. My cell phone number is: 417-880-1286 if there is any problem.
    Chris Nowak
    N47 - Pottstown, PA

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    If there's another airport closer to where you're staying, let me know...
    My cell is 201-687-8572. Burgundy and white Sierra.


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    Great Dave! I will look forward to seeing you! I'll stick with N47. KPTW is a little closer but N47 has nicer folks at the facility.
    Chris Nowak
    N47 - Pottstown, PA

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    A wonderful time in Reading, PA... Gorgeous flying weather... Great restaurant! You shoulda' been here....
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    Chris Nowak
    N47 - Pottstown, PA

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