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Thread: SE Region invites all members to 1st Town Hall Meeting 11/5 8 PM Eastern

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    SE Region invites all members to 1st Town Hall Meeting 11/5 8 PM Eastern

    The Southeast Region will host a web event on Thursday, November 5, at 8:00PM EST. This event is open to all BAC members. We welcome anyone that wishes to join us. I apologize for the links on the newsletter to my email not working. The link under my name at the bottom of the page does work or copy and paste it.
    We will be using the IMEET software. You can sign on by computer, call in, or have the program call you. Please sign on early about 7:30 in case there is an issue, it can be resolved quickly.
    This will be a “Town Hall type meeting with the focus: GET INVOLVED
    The web site is our “Virtual Hangar”. It is the core of the club, and a tremendous asset for BAC members. The web upgrade will resolve several issues and make it a more pleasant user experience. We also want to improve the “Out of the Hangar” experience.
    We are looking for feedback, suggestions and assistance in moving our organization forward. You participation would be greatly appreciated.
    855-933-5923 ext. 712

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    John Persinger
    Beech Aero Club President

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    Dave, this is a fantastic idea. Thanks for getting it started and JP, thanks for your help in setting it up. I just tested the link and it works. I chose to use my desktop and have iMeet call me on my cell phone. Looking forward to our virtual meeting on Thursday the 5th.


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    Sounds like a great idea and and an excellent chance to help decide where the group puts some effort.
    I have it on my schedule. I hope to see a bunch of you there tomorrow.

    Paul Werbin
    Flight Ops/Safety director.

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    Guys: I'm in La visiting Mom, will try to make the call. This is great stuff, even if only a few of us can make it.


    Rap McBurney

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    I'd love to make this, but I'll be in Seattle tomorrow with no computer access. However at 6:30 pm I'll toast the SE region's break-though meeting event from the upper deck at Ray's Boathouse.
    Marty Vanover
    Tucson, Az.

    Where "Sandy Beech" has landed.

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    We are sorry you are going to miss the event, but applaud your second choice.

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