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Thread: Fly in at Gaston's November 14

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    Fly in at Gaston's November 14

    There will be an informal gathering of BAC members at Gaston's for lunch on November 14. Everyone is welcome to attend.

    Weather permitting, location = Three Mike Zero (3m0)

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    Thank you for hosting this awesome traditional BAC flyin !!! Sadly, poor peeps gotta work. Get us some pix!

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    I am planning to attend. Sat day trip for me. Will also give me a excuss to drop in on my daughter.
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    I'm jealous! Sure hope this is a fly-out next year at BACFest!

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    It would be a nice place to visit. a little harder to get into and out of then able island. There are plenty of videos taken from planes landing there if you do a google search on "flying into Gaston's" several will pop up. It is a one way in and out of the place so technique comes to play getting on the ground and back into the air. We would have to carefully plan spacing and parking would be down the side of the runway. I think it would hold 30 planes pretty easy if they did not arrive all at once.
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    Maybe some smart person can flip the pics right side up. Was a nice day at Gastoqns
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    Sure thing Steve, sorry I had to cancel
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    I took the pictures of the parking available at Gastons for those whom never been there. If we did a bacfest flyin we would have to line up down the runway, the 5 or 6 spots with tie down are first come first served and most likely will have over night guest already in them. Takeoff is back down the runway making a right turn out following the river till you have enough altitude to clear the bluffs on all sides. Not hard to do and looks worse than it is until you have done it once. We maybe should dig up a video or make one next spring on flying into and out of the place. Hmmm might have time to catch fish also.
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