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Thread: Powered Towbar/Tug

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwpalmer View Post
    For my tow bar, I used two pieces of 1/2" rigid conduit (thick wall) about 10 feet long with a slight bend inward about 3' from the plane end. I used two short pieces of conduit to form the receivers for the nose bolt, or knee pin on the Musketeer. The other end is welded to a piece of 1" square tube that has the tee handle welded to it. That tube slides into a slightly larger piece of square tube that has the ring that drops over the ball on a hitch and is secured with a pin. I got cheap with securing the tow bar to the plane and just use a bungee cord. If you need, I can take a picture and post.
    I'd love to see a picture of this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DickWilliams View Post
    My solution was the 'Nose-Dragger" tug, item 20059A, found on page 53 of the July Sporty's catalog. It required no mods to fit the plane. The electric model comes with maintenance free battery and self charger. It's their most expensive, but doesn't use an engine. Customer service from the small family-owned factory is excellent. I've misplaced my notes but I was able to deal directly with the factory and got a good price. The truck was able to deliver directly to the hangar. Well-constructed, controls in the handle, adaptable to any Baby Beech, and I will use it on the Sierra - when it arrives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unclerap View Post
    How about pulling on the NLG with a winch tail first? I saw somewhere on the BAC postings where a guy had a hand tow bar that had an extra piece behind the nose wheel to which he attached a winch and pulled the AC backwards by the NLG. He had a handle on the "front" side that he used to steer and a deadman switch. I agree, the tail hook method is a setup for disaster.

    I have heard of that, I guess Dan Kirby did it. I don't have an issue with that as I don't think the NLG really knows if it is being pushed or pulled. Just don't hook up anything to the tail tie-down ring. Mike, you can push/pull the airplane by the NLG in either direction as long as you can control the NLG to keep it within the turn limits.

    Funny, I was in the process of designing an in-expensive battery powered tow bar. Then, I showed a Barron pilot how to manage his engines (IO-550s), he showed up later with a used PowerTow EZ 40 powered tow bar and gave it to me. Mumbled something on his way out about now being able to send his kids to college. It didn't work, but was easy to fix.
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    Does any one know WHY we can not pull the plane into the hangar using the tail tie-down fixture?


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    There is a chance of during the turning of the NLG that the side load on the fuselage will bend it.
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    Okay, if $2000 was a tough pill to swallow, try the Minimax Tugs. Two models for Baby Beech owners, under $1000! Electric, relatively light, photos on the web site and more on request. Minimalist, to be sure, but it looks as though it will work well.

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    Still working on an off-the-shelf-parts design for approx. $285. What a teaser I am! But, my hangar has a gravel ramp that takes 3 of us to get her (Sundowner 180) pushed back into the hangar. So you will know it's been well proven (if .....). Plans and parts list free to my newest and bestest friends in our BAC membership, of course. Just give me a few months ....

    No - - not talking about moving around my 254 lb homebuilt (!) ..... but I do think "outside the box" a little ....

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    I just saw a racheting redline towbar that a guy with a baron had here. It is just a rachet mechanism and a shoe that fits on the nosewheel, so you use the lever arm of the towbar to spin the nosewheel and drive it back.

    I could not move the baron by hand at all pushing it up this slope, it was just too heavy. With this thing it was actually pretty easy to move it right back. It is a little awkward to use though - part of that for me was the towbar was too short. I think it would be best if you needed an extra boost for a few feet vs pushing a long ways. It looks like it's aviation priced too. Might be be able to make your own.


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    "I'd love to see a picture of this."

    This is what my homemade tow bar looks like. It works great on the Cessnas and Beeches with a lug on the nose gear. The ring fits over a 2" trailer hitch for towing longer distances. The bungee keeps it tight to the gear. Dimensional details are in an earlier post.

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    I saw this post and thought I would share what my dad, Dan Kirby, used, then saw others already had mentioned his set up. I can provide a little more detail. We use a 12v winch from an ATV and mounted it on the back of the hanger at ground level. It is powered by a 12v battery that we periodically hook up to a trickle charger. It has never died on us.

    The cable is hooked to the back of the nose gear. It is tempting to use the tail hook but the POH is very clear not to do this. You can look on YouTube and search "djksierra beechcraft tow cable" and you should find a video of this. It is a one foot of steel cable with a loop on each end. It attaches to the lugs on the nose gear and is held in place by the tow handle. Actually, the ends of the tow handle have been opened up to allow the cable to be inserted in the tow handle itself. Look at the video and it will make sense.

    To control the winch, we extended the remote switch by wiring it to a 50ft extension cord. I can stand in front of the plane with the remote and guide the plane back by steering the nose gear with my foot by moving the tow handle. We painted a mark on center of the back wall of the hanger and I line up the prop and tail with that line. It can be a little slow but it would be hard to hit the hanger at that speed.

    The video is here:
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