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Thread: Let's have a "cold one" in Texas! Feb.20th Tyler,TX

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    Let's have a "cold one" in Texas! Feb.20th Tyler,TX

    You all join in and fly a spell on over to Tyler, Texas for a "cold one" (might just need to pull out that heater knob .... a rarity in Texas). We'll gather about 11:30 am on February 20th and head over to the Skyline Cafe located at the airport. How many steps to walk? Darned if I know! This will be my first trip there, so I am hoping for the best. That will be me in my Sundowner taxiing around and looking lost. Centrally located for all of you in the South Central Region, don't ya know ....


    KTYR - - Tyler Pounds Regional Airport

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    Nelson Amen
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    thanks for the invite Nelson - it will help get my but in gear.

    let's not bump into each other as we taxi around looking for food...


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    I have family up there. Mark me down as a tentative for this one as well.

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    I should be able to make it. Just a short flight from DTN.

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    I will plan to attend. Hope the plane is all put back together by then.

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    Just flight planned it on Foreflight - 697 nm although there is one restricted area that might require a deviation. The Atlanta controllers I'm sure would clear me direct over their airspace if I let them know I'm late for lunch in Texas. Roughly 150 gallons of 100 LL might put this trip into the category of what the hell? An endearing term my wife uses when I do things she deems crazy.

    I will be in the piney woods of east Texas in late March or early April. Maybe I can chase down a few of you guys then.


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    Flew over there today. Here is a copy of the hours of operation. There is also an aviation museum there. Guided tours are given. They ask for a $5.00 donation. The cafe' and museum are at the base of the tower, but you have to park at Jet Center FBO next door. The field has 15 commercial flights a day so the ramps are not open for casual walking around.
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    Leonard Koglin
    1966 35-C33A Debonair CE-29
    KDTN Shreveport Downtown
    Former Owner of:
    1966 A23-19 MB-84

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    We would be a shoo-in for this but with a little luck SuperMouse is sold and will be closing around this time and there's a good chance I'm on the road to do some dual time for the next aircraft.
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    LESS THAN A WEEK AWAY !! Plan to attend and (maybe) you will need to leave some room in the tanks because of all that food!

    Bring your best airplane stories and get ready for that much appreciated "ramp photo" of our beautiful planes..... Of course.

    Hoping for great weather .... For that "cold one" in Texas.
    Nelson Amen
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    10 day forecast for Tyler, Texas shows "cloudy" so gentlemen, be watching the weather and be ready to stay on the ground if needed. I am a VFR pilot with personal minimums.

    Yes - - I will do my best to fly there and no - - - I will not push my limits just to make a fly-in that I have organized. Let's all see how the weather develops and I will promise to communicate my latest right here as appropriate for the event.

    Hoping for the best,
    (photo - - packing the plane on Sunday for my departure from Lake Havasu City and, yes, it all fit!)
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    Nelson Amen
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