It appears that my fuel boost pump is dying on me. Unless the hot
weather down in Louisiana was making it act funny, I'd have to switch it
on and off several times for it to register (part of the checklist
before starting the engine). I looked on BAC and saw the information
about the boost pump kit (23-9020-1 S) and the pump by itself
(58-920054-0019). A check with RAPID technical support verified that the
numbers are still valid. Raytheon wants $614.02 for the kit, which
includes the pump (none in stock with November availability) and
$1,064.40 for just the pump (none in stock). Leave it to Raytheon to
charge $450 more for just the pump as versus a kit that includes the
exact same pump!

Any ideas for a boost pump that is STC'd for my mouse (Serial # M-1176)?
Thank you in advance for any assistance.

David Snodgrass
BAC East Central Regional Director
Beech Be23 N6083N
North Manchester, IN

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