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Thread: Harris Ranch or Monterey ?

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    Harris Ranch or Monterey ?

    Is there any interest in holding a Harris Ranch or Monterey Fly In ? The Fly In would be held in the first part of June. If interested list your name, location preference and date that works. If I see no interest within a week, I'll bring up another location.

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    Harris Ranch.
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    Where are these airports, identifiers? Thanks

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    Rick Spann

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    Monterey is KMRY. Harris Ranch is 3O8. I won't make either from Texas - both are great destinations.

    One challenge this time of year in Monterey can be the marine layer. The approach is fairly easy if you're a good flyer and will kill you if you bollox it up good (it's an ILS down a valley).

    Even if you get in the marine layer can roll in and try to trap you. That being said you can usually escape it. Take-off over the Bay, turn and follow the coast towards Watsonville then once you pick up the River by the big coal power plant turn inland about a mile and then turn towards KSNS - somewhere around Salinas or just past it you should be out from under it and be able to head home, just be good and don't bust the Class D there without asking. The reverse trick can be used to get in. Both depend on it being legal VFR under the layer (which it usually is mid-day through the afternoon at least).

    Harris Ranch is easier in that regards - just remember your runway illusions from the very narrow will appear higher than you are. At Harris Ranch that is usually pretty painless - you could probably land short 500' depending on what's planted and drive in . People tend to watch for the one power line running East-West south of the runway along Mitchell Ave. But it's really not a factor - only about 40' and about 1800' from the threshold (about a 45:1 slope). The stop lights lines on the highway to the North (there are no power lines on that road) are actually closer, about 1200 feet from the threshold, and probably about 40' overall with the embankment, but still only ~30:1 slope.

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    I would certainly be interested in either with a preference towards Harris Ranch great food nice Motel!

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    Thanks for the effort to put something together. We would lean toward Harris Ranch but since it is about a 4 hour flight for us and being strictly VFR, it would be unlikely we would be able to make it. But, having said that, you have our vote and our hope that the weather gods smile on the event date! Keep up the good work!
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    I would chime in for Harris Ranch and dates of 6/3 - 6/5, for pretty selfish reasons.

    I am supposed to take Anne to Vegas (Henderson Exec. KHND) 6/3 - 6/6 to visit her family so I could get to Harris Ranch from there. If all the MOA's are hot it would be a way south around them, but still just over 3 hours.
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    Either, I'm in Watsonville (WVI). They opened a new restaurant there. Ella's At The Airport. Its pretty good.

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    June 4th is a Saturday. How many can make this date ? It looks like Harris Ranch has the vote.

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