Folks, you may remember that I wrote about 2 months
ago and asked input because my engine started to get
some slight vibrations that lasted a few seconds but
permiated through the aircraft and also experienced a
strange vibration / sound if I turned the aircraft
Some of you just said :No more flying . Find out
what's wrong first and preferably on the ground.
Here is the story.

I sent off the Oil analysis kit to Blackstone Labs and
got a report within a day after receipt that there was
something strange (mechanically) going on in that
engine. Too much aluminium as well as steel and I
believe copper / brass . Suggestions to get
compressions testing done and if that was fine to
follow up with a boroscope check of all the cylinders.
Compression checked at ALL FOUR cylinders at 78/80
!!!! They have been in the mid 70' at the annual about
4 hours earlier. Decided to check with the boroscope
and we saw a few "scratch marks" in the cylinders.
Decided to pull cylinder nr 3 ( the one that a few
months earlier had presented me with a broken
insulator which left me stranded 100 miles away and
cost 140 bucks for a taxi ride back home). The
cylinder did not look good at all, it showed scratches
as well as a real visible set of marks going up and
down the cylinder walls co-inciding with the location
of the piston pins. The piston pins also looked worn
out on both ends ( where they had been touching /
rubbing the cylinder walls). Time to pull the other 3
cylinders. Same or worse condition. Cylinders sent to
the local specialists who told us that the rocker arms
were also totally worn down and basically the 4
cylinders needed to be replaced. That is after 430
hours since SMOH!!! Also, the rings were very sharp on
one the bottom side which indicated worn rings and the
log book states that new rings had been put on the
engine during overhaul.
This is turning out to be a TOP Overhaul with all new
cylinders, pistons, piston rings, rocker arms etc etc.
Clearly, it would have been good if I had had some
monitoring facilities in the aircraft ( which I had on
several previous aircraft) so I purchased a JPI 700
with additional oil temp gauge ( as our standard gauge
is at best Mickey Mouse stuff). I have the magneto's
overhauled and I have them pull the oil pump to make
sure I have no impellor problems. I had the prop
governor overhauled. Note : There is a new shaft
needed if you need to overhaul it. Count about 1000
bucks in total for that overhaul.

The good news.... I have saved SOOO much money by not
flying in these last few months , with fuel at 4.50
per gallon that the Top overhaul has almost paid for
itself. Sad what??


Sierra 1975

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