I have a 1966 version with 6 seats, one door.
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For commentary by all, here is my belief, but it could be wrong. If anyone knows of an exception to this outline, please let me know. Once I have all corrections documented, I'll put this on BAC as an FAQ. There is no historical documentation available from Beech that clearly defines this subject.

- The A23-24 was introduced as a 4-seater having one door, in 1964.

- A left side door was offered as an option beginning in 1965, but it was infrequently purchased.

- In 1966, the left side door became standard, for certification reasons, on only the 6-seat versions of the A23-24. It remained optional on all other versions of the Musketeer line.

- In 1970, the left side door became standard on all versions of the 19/23/24.

Regarding payload, it can vary widely from plane to plane. With all four seats installed, plus the taxi fuel allowance, and running with six quarts of oil, my 1977 C24R has a legal payload of 986 pounds. If I carry 40 gallons of fuel for trips of three hours plus, I can load 746 pounds in the cabin. The Sierras definitely cost more to buy, cost a bit more to maintain, and can cost a little or a lot more to insure, depending on your retract experience and time in type.

Personally, I consider the A23-24 to be one of the best-kept secrets of the Musketeer lineup. They can be pocket rockets along the lines of the Piper Archer and Dakota. I suspect that one of the reasons that they haven't yet achieved the same market value as the Pipers, in addition to general unfamiliarity, is that many owners have not taken steps to upgrade the paint, interior, and avionics.

If you can handle the insurance and costs, get a 1977 or later C-model Sierra (C24R); it has a lot of nice touches, such as a large third door and powered overhead ventilation (on most examples). Usually better avionics, too. If you need to keep the costs down, it would be hard to beat a nice A23-24. Make sure you get one that is already well-maintained, and which has all the avionics you want (including an autopilot for traveling). Otherwise make sure the purchase price is low enough to support any needed upgrades, as they are far more costly to add, versus buying them already in the plane. Already-upgraded airplanes are often better maintained in other respects as well.

Best of luck! Hope we see you in the Beech Aero Club family soon!

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Seems like I read that the pilot door was an option
starting in 1967. By 1968 or 1969, it became a
standard feature. So most actual Musketeers (and all
musketeer sports I think) are one-door machines, and
all sundowners, sierra's, and 'sports' are 2 door
--- ke4oh <ke4oh@yahoo.com> wrote:

> As far as I know, two doors was an option on any
> year-model A23-24,
> as well as on some (or all?) of the other Musketeer
> models. I think
> you will find that most A23-24s only have the single
> door. One door
> is a pain, just like with Bonanzas, Mooneys, Pipers,
> etc., but it was
> not a show-stopper for me when I went looking for an
> A23-24. Note
> that a constant-speed prop was also an option on the
> A23-24. Some
> have it, some don't. Mine is fixed-pitch and I like
> it just fine,
> especially when I don't have to do any CS prop
> maintenance!
> Best regards,
> Steve Robertson
> N4732J 1967 A23-24 Super III, serial MA-170
> --- In musketeermail@yahoogroups.com, "Chris Moore"
> <chrismoore@s...>
> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I've been shopping around for my first plane, and
> from what I've
> read
> > the A23-24 Super III seems to be just what I'm
> looking for. I like
> > what I've heard about the Musketeer family - in
> particular I like
> the
> > wide, comfortable cabin and the two doors. I'd
> also like to be able
> > to carry my family and some luggage - a total load
> of about 700
> lbs.
> >
> > I've noticed that not all of the A23-24's have two
> doors. Was this
> > changed in a particular year, or was it just an
> option? I'm
> wondering
> > if I should be looking for particular years if I
> want to find a 2-
> door
> > model. Also, I'd welcome any other comments on
> whether this is the
> > right plane for my mission. I also like the
> Sundowner and Sierra,
> but
> > I get the impression that they have a lower useful
> load and a higher
> > price tag.
> >
> > Thanks for any help.
> >
> > Chris Moore

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